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Rc has the following albums:

(50 releases)

[116 Clique - 13 Letters]
[116 Clique - Amped (EP)]
[2Five Tha Hood Reverend - Talk Is Cheap : I Plead Tha 5th (mixtape) [By DJ Nik Bean, DJ Scream, DJ Vlad]]
[2Five Tha Hood Reverend - Victory]
[3 The God Way - 3 the God Way]
[ABG (Adopted By Grace) - Hell's Most Wanted]
[ABG (Adopted By Grace) - Still I Rise]
[Ambassador - The Thesis]
[Andale - Trial By Fire]
[B.B. Jay - Universal Concussion]
[Braille - Shades of Grey]
[C. Micah - Mic'ed Up]
[Canton Jones - Love Jones]
[Canton Jones - The Password]
[Chozen (Jairon Robinson) - The Redemption EP]
[Christsyde - Now Is The Time]
[Christsyde - Who Dat?]
[CL Ryderz - Lifestyles Of The Flesh And Spirit]
[CL Ryderz - Mixed but not mastered vol. 1]
[Coo-B - Ride Or Die : A Coo-B Solo Joint]
[CookBook & UNO Mas - While They Slept]
[Cross Movement - Gift Rap]
[Cross Movement - HIStory : Our Place In His Story]
[Dynamic Twins - 40 days in the wilderness]
[Everyday Process - The Process of Illumination & Elimination]
[Flame - Our World : Fallen]
[Flo - I Gotta Be Me]
[Frontlynaz - Gameday]
[Gospel Gangstas - Do or die]
[Gospel Gangstas - Gang affiliated]
[Gospel Gangstas - I can see clearly now]
[Gospel Gangstas - The exodus]
[Gospel Gangstas - The Flood (CD)]
[GRITS - Dichotomy A]
[GRITS - Dichotomy B]
[GRITS - Redemption]
[GRITS - The Greatest Hits]
[Group 1 Crew - Group 1 Crew]
[J-Silas - Sound Proof]
[Jacob Izrael - Even Louder]
[Jahaziel - Ready To Live]
[Japhia Life - Hells diary : the healing LP]
[JAZ (Justified And Zealous) - My Life : Super EP]
[Just.Live - Moxy]
[Just.Live - Soul.Full His.Story]
[K-Drama - Behind The Glory]
[Khul Rhema - What The World Needs Now]
[Knine - Born Again]
[LA Symphony - Unleashed : A Collection Of Unreleased Rarities, Demos, And More!]
[Lecrae - Real Talk]

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