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Everyday Process

Everyday Process
Country:United States
Releases:[Truth or Lie Volume 2] [Outtadisworld] [The Process of Illumination & Elimination] [Truth or Lie Volume 1]
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Info:The duo Everyday process consists of Mac the Doulos and Israel hailing from Chester, Pennsylvania, (just south of Philadelphia).
The crew's mission is to use hip-hop as a means to an end, and that end being impacting people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Especially those that normally wouldn’t set foot in a “spiritual” setting like church. "Music is just a vehicle for us. It's simple; hip hop is a genre of music with mass appeal. It's another way to move a vital message to the masses. We see it as an extremely effective method. This music draws so much attention and reaches so many ears. Agendas and propaganda can be pushed through it. So we use it as a platform to say what we need to say because it's definitely what people need to hear. This is bigger than music. We want to put people on to the truth. And not just general truth, but rather the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Through the influence of this music medium, they strive to enlighten the Christian and non-Christian alike, particularly those that can relate and are sometimes deeply engulfed in the hip-hop culture; showing others that they don't don't have to retreat from their own culture, but rather that Christ is relevant in their culture as well, and God desires us to reach those that we can really relate to. Yes, even in hip hop culture. Everyday Process wants to paint an accurate picture of God and let that shine in any culture because God transcends all that there is.

Beginning to form in 1997, the seeds were sown for individuals with zeal to bring a new consciousness to people. People who many times don’t appropriately acknowledge their Creator or respect and understand His brilliant master plan through Jesus Christ. Everyday Process considers themselves God's ambassadors and His representatives to these people (II Cor. 5:20).

The duo can be found on the following albums contributing beats or lyrics as the production team "180 Productions":
- Redeemed Thought - Truth Beauty Goodness (2005)
- Bus Shop compilation - Unity series volume 1 : first gear (2005)
- Ambassador - The Thesis (2005)
- Tru-life - The Journal (2005)

The first mixtape Truth or Lie Volume 1 is released in 2005.

New label
After producing tracks on several albums the duo finally got signed as artists to the Cross Movement Records (CMR) label in the Spring of 2006.

Their album entitled 'Everyday Process : The Process of Illumination & Elimination' is released on CMR in 2007.

New Project
A new album is set for 2009.

Release:Truth or Lie Volume 2
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Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is scheduled for 2009.
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Info:The album is released on September 1st, 2009.

1. Invasion
2. Alien
3. All Out
4. I Gotcha
5. Fire
6. New
7. Freak
8. No Problem
9. I Don't Belong - featuring Dominic Balli
10. Against the Grain - featuring Proclaim & JAZ
11. Jesus Pride
12. What You Look Like
13. Make You Smile - featuring Tia Pittman
14. Make You Smile (instrumental outro)
15. Bye Bye
16. The Saga Continues
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Release:The Process of Illumination & Elimination
The Process of Illumination & Elimination
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:The album is released on March 20th, 2007.

Production by Mac The Doulos, Official, 4Sight Sounds, Aaron Wright, Kenny Buckman, Mel Alexander, Speedy, JR, Sedale Johnson, Lecrae & Kevin Arthurr.

1. Intro (Straight To The Point)
2. Build Up
3. Resist The System
4. Give 'Em The Gospel
5. Grace
6. All I Need - featuring La'tia and Keran
7. Amazed
8. Bangin' DEfined - Interlude
9. Bangin'
10. Holla At Me - featuring Trip Lee
11. Live It Up
12. After Party - Interlude
13. After Party
14. As Real As It Gets
15. Hey Girl - featuring Badia Jeter and JR
16. World Needs Jesus
17. Shine Bright
18. Illumination & Elimination - Interlude
19. Everyday All Day Cypha - featuring Lecrae, Ambassador, Flame, Phanatik, and R-Swift
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Release:Truth or Lie Volume 1
Truth or Lie Volume 1
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:1. Truth Or Lie Intro
2. Slow Down
3. This Is A Warning
4. Heart To Heart
5. What I Believe
6. Beef
7. No Hook
8. Breathe Deep
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8 out of 10
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