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About our RSS-Feed

Info for webmasters

Our RSS-feed enables webmasters to include a list of recently released Holy Hip Hop releases on their own websites. The advantage of this feed is that this list is free, always up-to-date, and very easy to use, as the list of recently released albums, singles and dvd's will be updated instantly whenever a new (recent) release is added to HHHdb.com.
Feel free to add the feed to your website.

Info for users

This feed can also be intresting to our 'regular users' who want to be kept up-to-date. Firefox supports these feeds in the form of 'Live Bookmarks', and there are numerous tools for those with other browsers or specific needs..

So, where is it?

The feed is available at http://www.HHHdb.com/rss_hhhdb.xml

More info on RSS is available in this RSS Tutorial.

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