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Braille - Box of History Mixtape [by DJ Idull]

Release:Box of History Mixtape [by DJ Idull]
Box of History Mixtape [by DJ Idull]
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:HipHop Is Music
Info:The mixtape is released on November 13th, 2007.
The release is part of the promotional Hiphop Is Music mixtape series.
The album contains portions of over 21 songs. A few songs from Braille's albums, but most are rare features and exclusives.

1. Intro - Braille talking (beat by Ohmega Watts)
2. Build - with GreenJade (snippet)
3. Treatment - with Ohmega Watts
4. Missing Children - with CunningLynguists (snippet)
5. Everything Changed (from “Box of Rhymes”)
6. Going Through It - with Sivion
7. The Enemy - with Jimmy Ledrac
8. Perceptions - from “Fashion Expo” compilation (snippet)
9. Broken Jaw - with Redcloud
10. Permanent Ink - with Surreal (snippet)
11. Illuminate - with Lightheaded (snippet)
12. Enter-Gritty (from “Box of Rhymes”)
13. Legacy - with Golden Disciples (snippet)
14. The IV - (from “The IV Edition”)
15. Guilty By Association (from “Nightowls 3” compilation)
16. Wings - with Choice 37
17. Shine - (from “Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty” compilation
18. Hidden Agenda - with Loptimist
19. Keep On - snippet (from “Shades of Grey”)
20. I.O.U. - with Theory Hazit (snippet)
21. Heavy Rotation - snippet (from “Heavy Rotation” compilation)
22. Outro - Braille talking (beat by Ohmega Watts)
23. Bonus Track
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