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HipHop Is Music

HipHop Is Music
Info:This label is founded by artist Braille, first to release his own albums and his friends of Lightheaded, like the album of Othello and the Hipknotics - Classic (for the US).

The label's philosophy is to make their music available in every store and not to be confined to the christian music market. This is why the marketing and distribution is focused on the mainstream music stores.

The year 2006 is a turningpoint, then the label will actually have a roster of artists and 7 album releases on it's way. In March a compilation album called "Heavy Rotation volume 1" is available to the public as a sample of HipHop Is Music' talents.

New Artists
The new additions to the label in 2006 are:
- Big Rec
- Sharlok Poems
- Sivion
- Sojourn
- Surreal and DJ Balance
- Theory Hazit

Albums & Singles
The year 2006 has seen the release of:
1. Various - Heavy Rotation volume 1
2. Sivion - Spring of the Songbird
4. Braille - Box Of Rhymes (Japan)
5. Braille - Box Of Rhymes (vinyl single)
6. Surreal - Future Classic
7. Braille - Sonset (vinyl single)

On March 26th, 2007 it was announced that every month the label will release an exclusive mixtape or instrumental project from Hiphop Is Music affiliated artists. Most of these releases are limited to 100 or 200 copies only.
The first mixtape is Theory Hazit's mixtape ?The Special Education of Theory Hazit? (March 2007).
The CD's are only for sale at Hiphopismusic.com.

The album "Extra Credit" of Theory Hazit (May 2007) is the first HipHop Is Music record to receive an "international" release, through a partnership with GrooveAttack for Europe, the United States and Canada. The label has also partnered with companies in Japan (River City) and South Africa to assure that this album gets good promotion and distribution in those territories.

The IV
For Braille's fourth album "The IV" (2008) the label HipHop Is Music joins forces with Syntax Records/Koch Distribution for the North America release of the album. Other partnerships are P-Vine (Japan), CVibes (Australia) and Fat City (UK/Europe).

Sources: Braille and Syntax Records Join Forces for 'The IV Edition': January 14th, 2008
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Heavy Rotation (single) Various Artists - Heavy Rotation (single)
The Special Education of Theory Hazit (Mixtape) Theory Hazit - The Special Education of Theory Hazit (Mixtape)
Extra Credit Remix Instrumentals Theory Hazit - Extra Credit Remix Instrumentals
Spring of the Songbird Sivion - Spring of the Songbird
Audibly Enhanced Dreams Braille - Audibly Enhanced Dreams

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