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Beatmart Recordings

Info:Label from producer Tod Collins of Gotee Records fame and one of the Gotee Brothers. As a co-founder he sold his part of the Gotee label in 2001 and started his own enterprise called Beatmart Recordings with his brother Troy Collins.

In November 2005 the record label announced a distribution deal with Provident-Integrity for the christian market and Sony BMG for the mainstream market.

Due to this new distribution network Bobby Bishop's 2005 album "Government Name" received repackaging and is released in 2006 as the Government Name Special Edition.

After the first volume of the Best of Submissions (2004) by DJ Morphiziz Beatmart Recordings added the following artists to it's roster over the years:
1. Bobby Bishop: 2004-2007
2. Fresh Digress: 2006-2007
3. Japhia Life: 2006-2007
4. Rob Hodge: 2006-2007
5. Pettidee - 2006
6. Soul P. - 2006
7. Willie Will - 2006

Beatmart Digital
In August 2006 Beatmart announced the launch of a digital only label called Beatmart Digital. This label will distribute all indy artists with potential through iTunes and other online music stores.

First video
The video for "Whoa Whoa!" from artist Soul P. premiered on Thursday, February 8, 2007 and is the first video released by Beatmart Recordings. It's Soul P.'s music video debut as well, and the first video from the album The Premiere (2006).

General Manager
In February 2007 a general manager is accounced for Beatmart. The manager is Kevin Sparkman.

Heavy Weather
In October 2007 the news got out the label had hit hard times. The company will keep a low profile for the rest of the year to focus their activities on 2008. This would be the release of Eric Cross' album "The Art of Composition" (2008).

It isn't until July 28th, 2009 the label is heard of again through a press release: "Beatmart Recordings will be offering it's entire instrumental catalog for digital download on July 28th, 2009. The tracks will be available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon.com, and all major online distribution sites.

“At Beatmart, we want to reinvent ourselves by investing greater into the individual consumer through the digital space. We want to share our assets with the people and offer our help in getting them where they want to go musically,” Beatmart president Todd Collins said. “If giving them access to our catalog of instrumentals helps accelerate that process, then we will count it as a success – one person at a time.

Does this mean the company (once considered dead) has been resurrected?
"Beatmart is planning to make a comeback,” Collins said. “It won’t be without a lot prayer and hard work, but we see this release of our instrumentals as a small step in heading back in the right direction."

Sources: Sphereofhiphop.com Forum: What happened to Beatmart?, October 4th, 2007 ; Press release: New releases from Beatmart Recordings, July 28th, 2009.
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
One Shot (a Hip-Hopera) EP Bobby Bishop - One Shot (a Hip-Hopera) EP
Fresh Digress Fresh Digress - Fresh Digress
Strength In Numbers Various Artists - Strength In Numbers
Government name Bobby Bishop - Government name
Resurrections : Past, Present And Future Pettidee - Resurrections : Past, Present And Future

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