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Sev Statik & DJ Dust

Sev Statik & DJ Dust
Country:United States
Info:In 2006 DJ Dust and rapper Sev Statik teamed up to make the album: "Back To Dust". On April 6th, 2007 it became known that the project is chosen to be distributed through the label Rawkus Records. The deal, a digital release, plus special promotional activities is called Rawkus 50.

Sev Statik
Sev Statik from Albany, New York is member of two of the finest crews within the holyhiphop scene being the Tunnel Rats and Deepspace5. He has made several solo albums and guest appearances. Sev Statik also releases albums under the artist name Stu Dent.

DJ Dust is well known from the crew Mars ILL. He forms this duo with Soulheir the Manchild on the mic. Manchild is Greg Owens and Dust is Nate Corrona. Mars ILL has a very distinctive sound due to the production of Dust.

Rawkus 50
The album "Back To Dust" is chosen for the Rawkus Records project: Rawkus 50. This means 50 artists are chosen to release a record through digital distribution channels and receiving marketing from the Rawkus team.
Rawkus 50 organises the following:
- National full page print campaigns in trusted hip hop magazines.
- National online marketing and promotion.
- Sponsored New York and Los Angeles show for the Rawkus 50 to perform.
- Blog and Podcast hosting, marketing and promotion.

The final tracklisting is announced on August 16th, 2007, the track "Hybrid" did not make it to the final project. Pigeon John was to feature on "No 2 Ways", but was unable to record his part due to illness.

DJ Dust and Sev Statik have teamed up to release the album "Back To Dust" in 2007. There was a plan to make a remix album "From the Ashes" based upon "Back To Dust" by producer Dert. But this did not make it.

Sources: MySpace blog Sev Statik: Rawkus 50, April 6th, 2007 ; MySpace blog Sev Statik: It has begun..., August 16th, 2007 ; MySpace.com blog: 2008 plans, May 20th, 2008.

Release:Back To Dust
Back To Dust
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Rawkus Entertainment
Info:The album is released on October 9th, 2007 as a CD and as a download on November 27th, 2007.
Production by DJ Dust.

The download is released through Rawkus 50. The limited digi-pack pressing through HipHop is Music.

1. Altitude
2. The Godz
3. Putcha Name On It - featuring Supastition
4. Steamroller
5. Far Cry - featuring Elias
6. Signature
7. No 2 Ways - featuring Triune, MotionPlus, Cas Metah, Griffin, Relic
8. Back to Dust
9. Walk Alone - featuring Manchild and Playdough
10. Let It Go - featuring LMNO
11. Unborn - featuring Elias
12. Daybreak
13. . You May Be Right - featuring Theory Hazit and Raphi
14. Gone - featuring Lady Dubb
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