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Country:United States
Releases:[Called to Mind] [Hiatus]
Info:Matt Klassen is Paradox, who after a two-year reprieve amidst the heavy humanity of life in Belize, Central America has returned home with a head-full of experiences, an altered perspective on the United States, and a commitment to promoting positive change through music. The MC currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Debut Album
"Hiatus" (2006) is the first solo album from Paradox, but with this release he shows himself to be no rookie on the mic, spitting observational wisdom about the things he's seen and the people he's known like a true old soul.

Before completing the album "Hiatus", Paradox was a member of the group 49 Stories.

On December 28th, 2007 it became known Paradox is signed to the label End of Earth.

New project
The MC released his sophomore album "Called to Mind" in 2008.

Sources: Sphereofhiphop.com: Paradox preps new LP "Called to Mind", December 28th, 2007.

Release:Called to Mind
Called to Mind
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:End Of Earth Records
Info:The album is released on November 1st, 2008.

1. Stay tuned
2. Broken
3. Help wanted
4. Bloodline - featuring Mellow Drum Addict and Sev Statik)
5. Groundwork
6. White noise - featuring Common Child, Propaganda and Afaar)
7. On second thought
8. Hard rock - featuring Sameoldjake and Othello
9. Snapshots - featuring Metermaids
10. Life of an artist - featuring Jeremiah Bonds
11. Put ‘em together
12. Let your life speak - featuring Gina Chavez
13. Brief interruption - featuring Kaboose
14. Obstacles
15. Ruined for life...
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Voicebox Records
Info:The album is released March 2006,
All songs recorded at Cave Studio.
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Butler at testtubeaudio.com (Austin, Texas).
Scratches by DJ Tats.
CD design and layout by Six Guns Visual.
Mangrove sketch by Annie Pesusich.

1. Paydirt
2. Drop the drums
3. From 49-50
4. Moonboots
5. Oasis
6. Bzc scenery
7. It goes
8. Insomnambullst
9. Guerilla funk
10. Sketches of belize
11. If - featuring Sentence
12. Bastard
13. In check
14. Sphere
15. Peace
16. Love letter
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