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Listener & Dust

Listener & Dust
Country:United States
Info:A one time only project of the artist the Listener and DJ/producer Dust from Mars ILL. The EP "Just In Time For Christmas" is released December 2005.

Atlanta's Dan Smith is The Listener, he's also part of Deepspace5. The Listener used to be in a group called Labklik, together with ILLtrip, from 1995-2002.

DJ/producer Dust is Nate Corrona. Together with Soulheir the Manchild he forms Mars ILL. This Atlanta crew had their big break with the album Raw Material in 2001.

Photo: DJ Dust

Release:Just In Time For Christmas
Just In Time For Christmas
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Deepspace5 Records
Info:1. It's Christmas time again. So come on home to the FIRE
2. You know he knows don't you? Well, he knows regardless
3. Hey, those herald angels are singing again. Listen
4. Do you see what I see? I hope so
5. Born in Bethlehem, and He shall send them one-by-one
6. Silent night, holy night. All is bright, all is BRIGHT
7. Don't touch the drums boy
8. That leaf sure is heavy, but you have to turn it over - featuring Manchild
Rating:Our users rated this release: 6.5 out of 10
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