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Man of War

Man of War
Country:United States
Releases:[Love & War] [10 Horn Daggers]
Info:Hailing from the West Coast of San Diego, California Man of War released his debut album "10 Horn Daggers" (2001) on Syntax Records.

He contributed tracks to several compilations, like:
- Fashion Expo (2000)
- Night Owls one : Nocturnal Doctrine (2001)
- Night owls 2 : sleep therapy (2003)

The name Man Of War represents a leader, who is among leaders in the final spiritual war between good and evil for the kingdom of God. Man Of War sees that there is a war over souls and he is determined to fight the good fight of faith to win souls for his God.

The MC released the mixtape:
- Man Of War & DJ Promote: Southwest Mextape Volume 1 (2006)

The business relationship between the rapper Man of War and the label Syntax Records was ended in April 2007.

Release:Love & War
Love & War
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Open Mic
3. Love and War
4. New Sound - featuring Def Shepard
5. Scroll Tongue - featuring BoxFeeders
6. Broken - featuring Playdough
7. Psalms 5:9
8. Street Life - featuring Kaitlyn of Sackcloth Fashion
9. String Theory - featuring 7Lock, Evolve, Dirt
10. Introverted - featuring Luke Geraty
11. Run - featuring Gypsy
12. Ten Days Away
13. Rejected - featuring Hyborian Warriors
14. A Father's Love - featuring Gypsy, Absent Minded
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Release:10 Horn Daggers
10 Horn Daggers
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:1. Journey
2. Warman
3. Silent Words
4. Braille
5. Warriors
6. Verbal Junk
7. Samuel
8. Subhuman
9. Locust
10. Bring Forth the Warfare
11. 7-lock
12. My Saviour
13. Deep
14. Lord Knowledge
15. Wings
16. Butterfly
17. Painful Road
18. Apocalypse
19. Ten Horn Daggers
20. My God
21. Alone
22. Lyrical Longevity
23. TreyQel
24. Ohmega Watts
25. Subliminal Messages
26. Drumz
27. Life And Death
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