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Mass Reality

Mass Reality
Country:United States
Releases:[The Awakening : Mixtape Volume I] [The Reign]
Info:Mass Reality from Tulsa, Oklahoma consists of eight members:
cOs - MC
Di'Elect - MC
Epsilon - MC/producer/engineer
Explicit - MC/vocalist
FirstBorn (Lazarus) - MC/Producer/Engineer
Reconcile - MC
Terse - MC/producer
Vandal - MC/producer

Former members and now extended family are Chosen1 and Cash Hollistah. Chosen1 stopped in 2004. Cash Hollistah in May 2003 to pursue a solo career as well. He moved from Kansas to Atlanta in March 2005.

The crew is formed at an Oklahoma university in the mid-1990's and used the name "Sons of Thunder" in 1993. Then after a change in leadership, the name & purpose evolved into Mass Reality. They define their name as "to express reality (truth) to the masses. Real people, experiencing real situations, providing real solutions to life's challenges, based on our experiences".

Mass Reality is established with emphasis on community service, aiming to breathe life into hip hop culture & innercity communities. The motto : "One Body, Many Parts" [The 12:12 Theory] - distinctly different members functioning as one unit.

Their debut album is "The Reign", which is released in 2001. Their second recording project would be "The Awakening : Mixtape Volume I" of 2004.

Guest appearances
Mass Reality can also be found on the Tunnel Rats project Underground Rise and Peace 586's Generations album, both released in 2003.

Solo albums
Besides Reconcile, also known as Big Rec, solo albums were announced by the members Explicit, Vandal, Epsilon and Blacktop Order, which consists of cOs & Terse.

Release:The Awakening : Mixtape Volume I
The Awakening : Mixtape Volume I
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Mass Reality Enterprises
Info:1. Intro - Cash Hollistah
2. Freestyle - Big Rec & FirstBorn
3. Strange Dayz - Tunnel Rats
4. The Illest Flow - Big Rec featuring Propaganda (exclusive)
5. Freestyle - Explicit
6. Outlaw - Blacktop Order (exclusive)
7. Freestyle - manCHILD
8. DJ Aslan speaks
9. Represent Your City - Chosen1 (exclusive)
10. Freestyle - The Procussions
11. I'm Ready - Mass Reality
12. Adrenaline - Cashius, manCHILD & Big Rec
13. Freestyle - Cashius
14. Definition - King Ray, Explicit & FirstBorn
15. Firstborn - FirstBorn (exclusive)
16. DJ Aslan speaks
17. Freestyle - Chosen1
18. Unsigned Strike - Epsilon (exclusive)
19. Watch Us - Vandal
20. Freestyle - Di'Elect
21. Freestyle - Sev Statik, Terse & cOs
22. Mic Abuse - Vandal, Raphi & Cashius
23. Donkey Punch - Remnant
24. DJ Aslan speaks
25. Freestyle - Terse
26. Freestyle - King Ray
27. Freestyle - cOs
28. Express Yourself - Mass Reality
29. Outro - Big Rec
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Release:The Reign
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
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