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Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [Bone Circus]
Country:United States
Releases:[Framework] [The Locals : an EP]
Info:Bone Circus or BC as they are called since 2005 are DJ Stibs, Eric Craddock and Sean Patrick also known as DJ Sean P. The latter stopped in April 2006. This meant the end of the crew, because in Eric's own words: "[...] Stibs and I decided there is no BC without Sean P."
Eric Craddock and DJ Stibs will continue to work together as the new crew "Illy Graham".

These were their tasks within the crew:
Eric - MC
Sean P - MC, DJ, producer
Stibs - DJ, producer

The name Bone Circus is derived from Ezekiel 37, Eric tells about this piece of scripture "God leads Ezekiel to a valley where a battle was once fought and there are bones scattered all over. God asks Ezekiel if he thinks the bones could rise up and live again. Ezekiel wisely answers "You alone know." Sure enough the bones start swirling around and connecting until a vast army is standing alive and ready. I picture in my head weird carnival music playing as this is happening and it's sort of a 'bone circus' or something".

Eric met Sean, while doing a show at a youth club which was a ministry project of Sean's church. Sean purchased his turntables in 1999 and Eric needed a DJ, thus Bone Circus was formed.

DJ Stops
DJ Sean P parted from BC since he liked to be less active in the music scene as he stated on April 4th , 2006 at The Sphere: "[...] I have officially dropped all my rap commitments. And, music is officially my hobby."

Their debut album is The Locals : An EP, which was released in 2004. The new member DJ Stibs can officially be heard on the release Framework of 2006.
Their sophomore and final BC album "Framework" was released in May of 2006.

The photo shows from left to right: DJ Stibs , Eric Craddock and Sean P

Source of quote: Aphire.com, Sphereofhiphop.com

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released in May 2006.
Guest appearances by Phonetic Composition (Playdough and Freddie Bruno), ManChild (Mars ILL and DS5), YSG-Timothy (Wax Musim) and Heath McNease (Verbal Essence).
Production "Lovin' You Easy" (track 14) by DJ Stibs and "Nights Like This" (track 3) by Othello.

1. Period
2. Brought to you buy...
3. Nights Like This
4. Classic Junk - featuring Playdough & Freddie Bruno
5. Communication 101
6. Keep On - featuring YSG-Timothy
7. Broadcast - featuring Manchild
8. Money Maker
9. Now Serving
10. Mortal Life
11. Day Turns Tonight - featuring Heath McNease
12. Golden Check
13. Day Vision
14. Lovin' You Easy
15. So Long
16. Signing Off
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Release:The Locals : an EP
The Locals : an EP
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Production by Playdough, Stibs and Sean Patrick.

1. Locals - featuring Sivion
2. A.C. Battles -
3. 20 K Leagues Under Emcees
4. All I Need
5. The City
6. Baby Kool
7. Problems
8. Pass The Windex
9. World Around Me
10. Daily Operations
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