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Todd Bangz

Todd Bangz
Country:United States
Releases:[Not 4 Me (single)] [Think it's a game]
Info:Todd Bangz formerly known as Tre-Z resides in New Rochelle, New York. Some songs from him can be heard on the compilation of Bang Theory's Underground Council. Bang Theory is one of his projects, where he showcases his favourite artists.

Tod Bangz runs a studio and is a producer as well. He released his own album "Think It's A Game" in 2005.

On June 28th 2006 during the 2006 Urban Gospel Industry Awards Todd Bangz won the Album of the Year Award for Think Its A Game (2005) and an award for "Best Producer" for hip hop.

Release:Not 4 Me (single)
Not 4 Me (single)
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Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:CD-single from the 2005 album Think it's a game.

1. Not 4 Me - featuring B-Dill
2. Starz N Stripes
3. Breath ya Last (snippet)
4. Not 4 Me a capella
5. Not 4 Me - instrumental
6. Starz N Stripes - a cappella
7. Starz N Stripes - instrumental

Bonus: Enhanced with video footage.
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Release:Think it's a game
Think it's a game
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Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Breathe ya last
3. The tongue
4. Da jump off - featuring Min.Zion
5. Starz n stripes
6. Your mercy
7. God iz watchin
8. Not 4 me - featuring B Dill
9. God got it - featuring Alena
10. Think itīs a game
11. Canīt get enough - featuring Big Nate
12. Roc city epistle

Disc 2
1. Do dat
2. Industry puppets
3. Time keep slippin
4. Christ is - featuring J Silas
5. When will you learn
6. Never again
7. Soul winner
8. Love & leave - featuring Tragedy & Shekinah
9. Battle cry - featuring ShamDigg
10. Victorious
11. Loveless
12. I repent - featuring B Dill
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