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DJ Form

DJ Form
Country:United States
Releases:[Around The world in 20 Beats] [On deck circle : the next mixtape] [Oldschool 101 Break Beats]
Info:Producer Ric Robbins is Mr. Maxx, now known as DJ Form. He can be found co-producing on albums from the Grits amongst others. He's part of the production team Incorporated Elements with Otto Price.

The DJ is born in Cincinnati, Ohio around the time when hip hop first started to break out of New York. DJ Form grew up on the entire hip hop culture. He first began to grow interested in DJ'ing in Junior High School and saved up to buy his first turntables and mixer.

Then known as DJ Dopeman, he taught himself how to scratch and beat mix, because there was no such thing as a "DJ tutorial video" or a web site to learn how to DJ. "I had no one to show me anything", says Form. "I learned by practicing and by watching music videos and trying to catch what the DJ was doing in the background. I also used to go to the old Fresh Fests that they used to have. I would get as close as I could to the stage and watch Jam Master Jay, Mixmaster Ice, Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Bobcat, Grandmaster Dee, Cut Creator, Eric B. and all of the other DJs on that tour to see what I could learn. That's how I learned to transform, by watching Jazzy Jeff in concert." Form made extra money in high school and college by selling mix tapes and DJ'ing thousands of parties.

Mr. Maxx
In the mid-1990's, DJ Form, then known as "Mr. Maxx", hooked up with a new hip-hop group called Grits, who were working on their first record, Mental Releases. They brought him in to DJ on two songs, and they hit it off so well, he ended up writing on 6 songs with them. Form toured with Grits for nine years after that and produced almost all of their music with partner Otto Price, Todd Collins, and the group themselves.

With Grits, Form won numerous Dove Awards, a Billboard Award, and was nominated for two Grammy Awards. Now after producing, DJ'ing, programming, and writing on over 50 records, DJ Form is beginning to do what he can to help other up-and-coming talent get their shine by running the production company, Incorporated Elements and starting an artist development agency with several other music industry verterans.

Incorporated Elements has worked primarily in the Christian/Gospel industry, but have begun to branch out into the mainstream by working with hip hop acts like Grits and Talib Kweli, Nappy Roots, and 4th Avenue Jones. And even on the pop side with remix and DJ work for Kimberly Locke, Natalie Imbruglia and Duran Duran.

New Project
DJ Form released a new instrumental album entitled "Around The world in 20 Beats" in 2007.

Release:Around The world in 20 Beats
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:This instrumental album is released as a digital download in February 13th, 2007.
The CD is scheduled as a limited edition for 2007.

1. Piece Of The Middle East
2. Sak It To Me
3. Asia Major
4. Come Down Selecta
5. Baltazar
6. Super Strings
7. Aww, Yeah
8. Wang Chunk 2Night
9. Gracias
10. Hieroglyphic Dreams
11. Dockside - interlude
12. In The Cut
13. Indian Moon
14. Pressures
15. Dayglow - interlude
16. Chaos
17. Premium
18. Dem Thangz - interlude
19. Be Alright
20. Mumbai
21. Dark passage
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Release:On deck circle : the next mixtape
On deck circle : the next mixtape
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Recordlabel:Gotee Records
Info:The first album in a series of mixtapes coming from DJ Form and Incorporated Elements. This record contains 29 songs and features Braille, Cas Metah, Corey Red & Precise, Elias, Fiti, JustMe, Kaboose, Lojique, Mass Reality, Soul Plasma, Stu Dent, Urban D plus many others.
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Release:Oldschool 101 Break Beats
Oldschool 101 Break Beats
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Media:[7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:No track-info available. Contains soms scratchlines and loops from Grits and Verbs-tracks.

The text was handwritten on the cover of this limited edition vinyl-record, so other copies are possible totally blank, or with a slightly modified text.
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