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Prime Minister

Prime Minister
Country:United States
Releases:[Inside out] [Prime Time Part II : The Millenium] [Prime Time]
Info:Prime Minister is Andre Ford born in Rockford, Illinois.

Prime started getting involved in drug selling and gangs in Rockford (outside of Chicago) during junior high. His involvement with gangs/drugs created a pit of problems. His gang activity led to a drive-by shooting on his family’s home. His responsibility in his gang ranged from carrying out the gang’s dirty work to insuring that other members stayed loyal. Prime Minister fell deeper into the pit when he attended Northern Illinois University. His drug dealing tied him to the Chicago mob.

The road of problems grew longer. During a gang fight Prime Minister stabbed a rival gang member in the heart. The victim took him to court. He received a pardon for his life sentence to attend college and the case finally dropped after the victim was imprisoned because of car theft. This was not his first view of a jail cell. another offense included mob action. The pressures of his life caused him to turn to drugs, and landed him in a mental institution.

To diverge his attention from problems Prime Minister took his tales and started rapping in 1986. Later, under the name “Sir Fish” he opened up for Bobby Brown and Heavy D. He started touring with Ice Cube, De La Soul and Geto and won first place in RAMA Award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop artist in 1996 and 1997. Despite his success, the life of fast women, money and drugs pulled him to greater lows until 1993.

Until a church sermon touched him. The pastor gave his message on the pulpit as usual when he started talking about Prime Minister saying that God wanted to set someone free.
“I felt this heat on my body,” said Prime. “Then I was moved and started to jump up, sing, and shout. God had delivered me supernaturally from my drug addiction and life of violence.” Prime’s raps changed to those expressing humility and solutions to gang-related problems.

Television journalist interviewed him concerning his conversion from the Gangsta-Rap to Christian Rap scene. The man he stabbed in the heart quietly watched this interview and called Prime Minister for forgiveness.
“I was shocked; he hugged me” said Prime Minister. “This man, who I stabbed should have been angry. Instead, he said that he knew that if God changed me that He could change anyone.”

Prime Minister's debut album for Grapetree Records is Prime Time, which got a follow up with the record Millenium. He teamed up with Da Zoe Click to release Reel Life in 2002. His last solo project is Primordial and was to be released by GT Platinum in February 2003. Because the label disappeared the album was never put out on the market.

True II Society
Prime Minister is also part of the duo True II Society as "Sir Fish" together with Pooh, Prime's wife.

Photo from: Gospelflava.com.

Release:Inside out
Inside out
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Grapetree Records
Info:1. Inside Out
2. What I Feel
3. Running
4. All Riders
5. [Untitled]
6. In Yo Eyes
7. Daddy's Lil' Boo
8. Heavenly Father
9. Sanctified Slide - featuring M.C. Hammer
10. Wody
11. Got Me Going
12. Things They Say
13. Nothing Lasts Forever
14. Ballin'
15. Riding and Surviving
16. Prayer Closet
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Release:Prime Time Part II : The Millenium
Prime Time Part II : The Millenium
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Grapetree Records
Info:1. Once Upon A Prayer
2. Lift 'Em Up
3. Evangelistic
4. Ghetto Drama
5. The Ghetto
6. Real Love
7. Believe In Christ
8. The Interview
9. Thumpin'
10. My Mama
11. Confontation
12. Sanctified
13. All In The Game
14. Destined To Be
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Release:Prime Time
Prime Time
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Grapetree Records
Info:1. Life Or Death
2. I Wish (I Could've Told Ya)
3. Visions
4. Flossin' Up
5. Rocktown
6. Shout Outs
7. No Time 2 Rest
8. ABC...1..2..3..
9. Interview
10. So Low
11. Round & Round (The World Goes)
12. Raise The Roof
13. Devotions
14. Set It Off
15. H.U.S.H.
16. Outro
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