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Country:United States
Releases:[Dialog of the Downtrodden] [Rumored Existence (EP)]
Info:The MC ILLtripp started a solocareer after Labklik disbanded, just as his former crewmember the Listener. But after releasing one album in 2004 the MC decided to stop his hip hop activities in 2006.

After Labklik disbanded ILLtripp got signed to ILLECT Recordings. His first solo album got released in 2004: Dialogue of the Downtrodden. The album is available as a digital download and was released on CD as a limited edition of 200 units. New tracks were in the works, but a second album would never be released.

The End
On November 6th, 2006 the MC announced his retirement on the forum of SphereofHipHop.com: "I have enjoyed many years as a Christian artist in this thing called hip hop and have met many amazing and wonderful people as a result of my involvement, however, at this time, I have nothing left to contribute artistically. I plan on listening to and supporting this movement for a long time to come and I will continue to add my two cents on forums like this one from time to time, but I will no longer write and record albums."

Thank you
ILLtrip thanked all the MCs he has worked with in the past: "First and foremost is my longtime rap partner Listener, he is easily the most innovative and creative mind in Christian rap, we made a lot of great songs together and I miss that experience. Also a huge thank you to Braille. I met Braille when he was 14 or 15 and have truly enjoyed watching him grow and mature as an artist and as a person. I think he has become the best in the game right now and may be a couple of years from reaching his full potential, he is already scary good, I can't wait to see how great an artist he can become. Thanks to MG! for teaching me so much about rapping and producing and being a true inspiration, don't let your circumstance hold you down, I got nothing but love for you. Freddie Bruno who is the most underrated producer around helped me make the best record I ever made and has always been an encouragement to me, thanks man. Thanks to Sintax, who remains my personal favorite rapper, for writing great songs, always being humble and for being one of a handful of people, who truly understood and appreciated what Labklik was. Manchild, thanks for your vision, your inspiring drive and I would like to thank you for using your talent to further the work of Christ. Sev, thanks for making all those great songs and forever being yourself. To the rest of the deepspace5 guys I love and support you all keep grinding, keep on making great music."

Source of quotes: Sphereofhiphop.com

Release:Dialog of the Downtrodden
Dialog of the Downtrodden
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:ILLECT Recordings
Info:The album was released in a free digital format with a donation option plus as a limited edition CD just 200 were issued. Production by Freddie Bruno. Recorded at the Woodshed, Lebanon in Oregon.

1. Introductory musical number
2. Drown
3. Blink
4. Bulletproof monk
5. Bury my body
6. Fish - featuring Freddie Bruno
7. Notice
8. Another musical number
9. Breaks down
10. Silent observer
11. desperate
12. Run some lines
13. Cardboard self portrait
14. Thousand miles from nowhere
15. Work for hire - featuring Freddie Bruno & Sintax the Terrific
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Release:Rumored Existence (EP)
Rumored Existence (EP)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Proof of life
2. Strife
3. Disconnect
4. Small
5. Wheelhouse
6. Pop song 17
7. Midnight
8. Secret slow death
9. The engulfed cathedral
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