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Voice, The

Voice, The
Country:United States
Releases:[Broadcast] [Bow Ya Head] [Beyond A Whisper]
Info:Ed Reynolds or Voice in da Wilderness also known as Tha Voice released his demo in 1997 called Beyond a whisper. His name is inspired by the book of John 1:23, meaning The voice of one crying in the wilderness. The rapper has been active as a solo artist from 1994-2007.

Multiple Sclerosis
Since 2003 Voice is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, MS, a disease that attacks the central nervous system. But even with this life threatening disease Voice kept on releasing music and performing.

New York
Voice is born in Queens, New York and moved to the west coast at the age of 12. He received Christ at the age of 16, but turned to the world at 21. His life revolved around going out and visiting clubs untill he was 23. At that age he found the Lord again through prayer of his parents and his homechurch. Voice says "I was searching... I was searching for something I already had".

Voice has shared the stage with Holyhiphop's best artists, including his mates from K2S and 12th tribe, a crew with which he toured extensively.

In 1999 his debutalbum Bow ya head got released, but the record itself had already been made in 1997. He also started his own label Kerygma Music in partnership with 4th Man Music Group.

On October 28th, 1994 Voice walked on to the stage at his church in Chatsworth, California opening up up for a group called The Brainwash Projects (Pigeon John & BTwice), As the rapper states: "After I got off the stage, I had kids asking for tapes... I knew then that God had birthed a rap ministry in me. Well it has been 12 long years since then and today is January 16th, 2007 and I am officially announcing my retirement from hip-hop."

The rapper thanked his fans, radiostations and his fellow artists. And Voice continues: "I retire today and know that God has used me over the years to impact lives through hip-hop and for that I am grateful...Beyond grateful. As all of you know, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and it has taken a big toll on my body...I am grateful to God that I was still able to last a few more years on the mic with this disease...I thank God He
gave me the strength this last year of 2006."

Although Voice stops as a solo artist he does not leave the music industry. He will coach the hip hop crew "Flamin Souljaz" in 2007. Further activities are his praise project the band "Kerygma". With Kerygma he likes to release an album through his Kerygmatic Music label.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Kerygma Music
Info:1. Intro - Interlude featuring Nine-Up Of C.L. Ryderz
2. Broadcast - featuring RedCloud
3. Long Time Comin - featuring Wes Quave
4. Tuned In - Interlude - featuring Smooth Tha Messenger
5. Interception - featuring Cookbook Of LA Symphony
6. Future - featuring Jaz, Fros-T & Wes Quave
7. How Long
8. Represent - featuring Smooth Tha Messenger
9. God In My Chest - featuring Smooth Tha Messenger
10. Who's On My Phone? - Interlude featuring Deezer-D
11. Tapping In
12. Rise Up - featuring Cookbook Of LA Symphony
13. Why?
14. Money Dance - featuring Wes Quave
15. Take It Back (Family) - featuring Coleon, RedCloud, Epic, Cookbook & UnoMas, Rapps Galore, Fros-T, Kiz Charismatic & Mista Taylor
16. Latin Swing - featuring Royal Temple
17. Charismata - featuring Ezekiel
18. Land Of The Lost - featuring Coleon
19. There For Me
20. Outro - Interlude - featuring Wes Quave
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Release:Bow Ya Head
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:4th Man Records
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Release:Beyond A Whisper
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Media:[Audio CD]
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