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Private Boiz

Country:United States
Info:The Private Boiz were Johnny Jam, Mello Mel, DJ Double "K", Sho-Bizz and Sweet "E". "Check da Flava", the title of their N•Soul Records debut release, refers to Psalm 34:8: "taste and see that the Lord is good." This album was co-produced by The Private Boiz and Aaron De La Cruz.
In the nineteen eighties, Johnny Jam and Mello Mel began rapping in Riverside, California area at churches under the name "Master Plan." The addition of DJ Double "K" spinning and scratching filled one missing element for the group. For the live shows two dancers were added in 1991 they were Sho-Bizz and Sweet 'E' from the 'Mobile Posse' completing the Private Boiz line-up.
N-Soul Records discovered the group during a performance at a southern California dance club called "The Flipside". The result was a recording contract and their debut album.

Release:Check da flava
Check da flava
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Released:1994 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:N-Soul Records
Info:1. Burn it up
2. KPBZ - guest in the neighborhood
3. Witdaressofem (we can jam)
4. The place to be
5. Where have we gone?
6. A message (on violence)
7. Check da flava
8. KPBZ - (wake up and smell da flava)
9. Pass da mic “G”
10. By my side
11. Get right
12. A call 2 da kingdom
13. Go 2 work!
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