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Richy D.

Richy D.
Country:United Kingdom
Info:Richy D (stands for Righteous Intellect Can Help You Decipher) is an MC/Producer/Sound engineer residing in the UK. Richy became involved in the hip-hop at a very young age and started out Djing before concentrating on MCing/Production. Richys first official entry into the world of hip-hop happened in 1991 with a signing to an independent label and appearing on several releases etc. In 1997, Richy teamed up with Gideon and formed Dynamis and in 2002 formed G-Force Alliance. His mission is to keep the real essence of hip-hop alive and produce quality Christ centred music that will stand the test of time Currently Richy is working on solo material as well as several collaborative projects.

Appearances include:
1993: Freshblood - Bristol safe music
1994: Freshblood - The secret
1995: Black Roots - Natural reaction
2002: Dynamis - Chapters & verses
2004: G-Force Alliance - Pilot episode
2005: G-Force Alliance - Unification
2007: Re:Flex - If you didn't know
2008: Cram session 3

Release:The Exposure promo
The Exposure promo
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:This album is available as a free download at http://www.exposurepromo.net/

1. Introduction (feat. Natasha McDonald)
2. The Race (remix) (feat. Dee Nyoni)
3. Rock rock on (feat. Cas Metah)
4. Stand up
5. Representing
6. Watch out (feat. Kyra Rowe)
7. The vision
8. Breathing classes (feat. Re:Flex the architect)
9. Jesus kidz (feat. Tia Stewart)
10. Usual suspects (feat. Tia Stewart)
11. Endurance (feat. Tia Stewart)
12. No title, no hook (feat. Cas Metah, WG, Kalosal, Tia Stewart, Re:Flex the architect, Wariyah)
13. Auxiliary (feat. Cas Metah)
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