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Country:United States
Releases:[Free 2B] [God's Woman]
Info:Badia M. Jeter (formerly Badia J. Miller) was born on July 3, 1974, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a child she was introduced to many styles and forms of music. Jazz, rhythm and blues, classical, and hip hop music were her favorite styles. At age 8 she learned to play the violin and developed a taste for the fine arts such as music, dance, drama, etc.

Growing up as a teenager in the mid to late 1980’s, she began listening to rap music intensively. In Pennsylvania, the hip hop culture began to flourish with names like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, Cool C, and more. Not only did Badia enjoy listening, but she started to write her own rap lyrics, of which she would never use. She admits that those lyrics were foul because she was a "product of the city life" without a clue of God’s purpose for her ability.

In August of 1994 Badia received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. During her growth at Holy Trinity Full Gospel Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, she was enlightened by a church member with a CD by a group in her hometown. The group was definitely unlike any other christian hip hop artists because they deeply inspired her to begin writing lyrics again.

Cross Movement
The Cross Movement was the group that ignited her passion for the Lord of the music she loved. These spiritual and lyrical mentors showed her that the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ could be delivered through so many different methods, including rap, making it relevant to this generation.

She is married to Al Jeter, who is also her greatest support to the artistry the Lord placed in her. To this union they have three precious children; Elias, Joshua & Agape.

The femcee has also worked with Tony Moore and Jehovah's Chosen, Michelle Bonilla, and is featured on a song on the Phanatik's solo release entitled "The Incredible Walk" (2005). More recently she is featured on the song "Hey Girl" from the CD release from Everyday Process entitled "The Process of Illumination and Elimination" (2007).

Debut Album
Her first album entitled "God's Woman" produced by Kevin Arthur was released in 2004. The freshman project independently distributed, featured artists such as: Da Truth and the Phanatik, R-Swift, Tasha Montfort, plus many more who greatly contributed.

Badia is working on her sophomore album "Free 2B" to be released in 2009.

Release:Free 2B
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Recordlabel:Rizen Music Inc.
Info:The album is scheduled for release in 2009.
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Release:God's Woman
God's Woman
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Rizen Music Inc.
Info:The album is released in February 2004.
Executive production by Kevin Arthur & AL Jeter.
ALL songs written by Badia.
All songs published with BMI.

Cuts by:
- DJ Dummy: 2

Background vocals by:
- Ericka Arthur, Tasha Montfort, and Kamillah Long: 3

Additional programming by:
- Junius Bervine: 3

Vocals by:
- Badia: 4
- Tasha Montfort, and Dave Thomas: 9

Skating Rink vocals by:
- Kevin Arthur and Badia: 8

Additional keys by:
- Junius Bervine: 9

1. Intro - featuring Tru-Life
2. Speak Out
3. Sister
4. Covered Girl
5. I'm Persuaded
6. Process
7. Fragmented Pieces - featuring Ericka Arthur and The Phanatik
8. Old School - featuring DJ Dummy
9. Marriage - featuring Da TRUTH
10. He's the 1 - featuring Tasha Montfort
11. Daddy GOD (Hidden track)
12. He's the 1 (Cypha Remix) - featuring Tru-life, Japhia Life, the Apostle, R-Swift & Da TRUTH (Hidden track)
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Reviews:Found 0 reviews for this album. [Add a review]

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