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Country:United States
Releases:[Broken Television (DVD)] [When TheBREAX Sold Out] [TheBREAX]
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Info:Formed in 2006, the members are an eclectic cast from:
- Azerbaijan, Baku - Ruslan: MC/Producer
- Baltimore, Maryland - Beleaf: DJ/ MC
- Oceanside, California - Mic B: Drummer/ Production
- Vista, California - Name Brand: Producer

TheBREAX sound can be described as an artistic concoction of Kanye West soulful swagger, Saul Williams Spoken Word Poetry, the live instrumentation of the Roots, and the spirit of U2.
Their signature ?Breaking out of the box? sound is a flavor that defies conventional songwriting with a combination of energy and precision. Mixing musical genres, while maintaining their own style has given them the ability to reach a wide array of people.

TheBREAX exploded on the Southern California hip hop and Spoken word scene and took it by storm with incredible performances, becoming crowd favorites at Elevated, Vibes and the Hot Monkey Love Cafe, three of San Diego?s largest open mic venues.

The group continued to electrify audiences, sharing the stage with notables such as: Tonex, Fred Hammond, 4th Avenue Jones, Pigeon John, The Visionaries, LMNO, LA Symphony, Future Shock, and Guinness Book Record Holder, Supernatural.

Ruslan is also part of the crew Gallery Drive, consisting of ArtOfacT, Afaar, Insufficient Funds (TruthBTold, sINAi, Benjamin D) and NomiS.

After the success of previous works like Ruslan's album "Out of Order" (2004), featuring on "Thoughts Aloud: The Mixtape" (2005), the crew released their critically acclaimed self-titled album "TheBREAX" in 2007.

Rawkus Records
In 2007 Rawkus Records declared that TheBREAX are one of the "50 Next important hip hop artists" and signed them to a digital distribution/marketing deal through Rawkus 50. Their critically acclaimed first album will be re-released with full digitial distribution and marketing in september of 2007 under Rawkus 50 umbrella.

New Project
A new project entitled "When TheBREAX Sold Out" is released in 2008.

Release:Broken Television (DVD)
Broken Television (DVD)
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Media:[Video (DVD)]
Recordlabel:Eye Am Productions
Info:The DVD is released on February 10th, 2009 and contains the new album "Restocked".

This hybrid DVD allows you to experience live concert footage from The Underground Movement, theBREAXís record release party, music videos, exclusive interviews and all of theBREAX music including their Rawkus 50 debut (2007), When theBREAX Sold Out (2008) and Name Brandís Seeds of Life.

New album
The new album "Restocked" has the following tracklisting:

produced by
- Ruslan: 1, 10, 17
- Nathan Soultrain: 2
- Sojourn: 3
- Jruckers: 4
- Not Just Noize Production: 5, 9
- Name Brand: 6, 13
- Mr. Brady: 7
- DJ Rek: 8
- Dimas: 11, 12
- Brandon Steppe: 14
- SK: 15

1. Pumpin on your Gas
2. For What
3. The Greatest
4. Class Music
5. Obedient
6. Broken Television
7. Get your attention - featuring Marz
8. Just like Magic
9. Are you a Beleafa
10. Aww Yeah
11. Seasons
12. Perspective
13. I Cried - featuring Name Brand, & Kinfolk Caliny
14. Press on
15. Success (Bonus Track) - featuring Sojourn, Proverb the Poet, Big Rec
16. Get Ignorant Remix (Bonus Track) - featuring Braille, Theory Hazit, Eric Cross, Proph 1, Whuteva, Sev Statik, & R-Swift
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Release:When TheBREAX Sold Out
When TheBREAX Sold Out
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Eye Am Productions
Info:The album is released on April 1st, 2008.

Production by:
- Nathan Soultrain: 1
- Name Brand: 2
- Ruslan : 3
- Ruslan: 4
- Soleternity: 5
- Name Brand: 6
- Beleaf Melanin: 7
- Rocwilder: 8
- Name Brand: 9
- MotionPlus: 10
- Steve Stanz: 11
- Name Brand: 12
- Ruslan: 13

Co-production by :
- Ruslan: 6, 9
- Ruslan, Name Brand: 7

Live bass by:
- Mic B: 6

Bassline by:
- Name Brand: 3

1. Ready to Sell Out
2. BREAX Is Everywhere
3. Wake Up - featuring Rufat
4. Get Ignorant
5. Its West Coast - featuring Kinfolk & Roc Rok
6. Swing
7. Two Miles an Hour
8. I Got It - featuring Yung Tage, & Proverb the Poet
9. More
10. Bang Bang
11. Baby I'm Gone - featuring TruthBTold, & Afaar
12. Wanna to Love
13. Bumper Sticker
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Eye Am Productions
Info:The album is released on January 9th, 2007.

Production by:
- Ruslan: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9
- Nathan Soultrain: 2
- Name Brand: 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11
- Mic B: 7, 8

1. Intro
2. Ask A Simple?
3. Yes
4. Cold War
5. From the Top
6. Hostage - featuring Ant Black
7. Why Fall In Love
8. The Soil - featuring Future Shock and Afaar
9. Focus on the Movement (TheBreax)
10. Gravity - featuring Rufat, Quest Apollo, Tee-Jay, NomiS, Insufficient Funds, & J Mellow
11. 39 Lashes
12. What Now - featuring Brian Debenedictus (Bonus Track)
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