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Wonder Brown

Wonder Brown
Country:United States
Info:Jamie Farris is born in Houston, Texas and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, he was immersed in anonymity and surrounded by both poverty and materialism as a child. A devotion to basketball and a passion for hip hop brought Jamie to the hood, where he was coined Wonder Brown.

Scribbling Idiots
The MC is member of the crew Scribbling Idiots.

Since 2008 Wonder Brown forms the duo Kings of Tragedy with solo artist MC Till.

Wonder Brown made the "Firearms Mixtape" (2005) with Theory Hazit.

Special Project
The MC is also part of the release "Falling Tsar Project" (ILLECT Recordings - 2007) together with Sev Statik, JustMe, and Theory Hazit. The album is made to raise funds for eight year-old cancer patient Mason.

The MC released a free EP containing older work entitled "The Wake" in 2007.

Release:The Wake (EP)
The Wake (EP)
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The EP is released on August 5th, 2007.
Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Wonder Brown and Theory Hazit.

1. Stupid Heroes
2. You Don't Want Those Dreams
3. Casper
4. Posing
5. Just Jack and Jill
6. Payback
7. Legends of Sleepy Hollow
8. Namesake
9. Parabolically Speaking (reprize)
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