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Heath McNease

Heath McNease
Country:United States
Info:Heath McNease, currently residing in Colquitt, Georgia, releases his album "The Heath McNease Fan Club Meets Tonight" on 7 Spin Music in 2007.

The MC is formerly known as "Verbal Essence".

His music is a mix of acoustical pop music and hip hop.

The artist is featured on the following albums:
- BC : Framework (2006)
- Various Artists : The Genesis Project (2006)

Release:The Heath McNease Fan Club Meets Tonight
The Heath McNease Fan Club Meets Tonight
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:7 Spin Music
Info:The album is released on April 24th, 2007.

1. Where I'm Not Wanted
2. Follow The Leader
3. Down To The River
4. Rumors
5. If You Can
6. Love Me - featuring Pigeon John
7. Farewell My Dignity
8. Interlude
9. Good Samaritan Get Down - featuring Playdough
10. Swing Low
11. Call Me Mister
12. Second Wind
13. Favorite Nightmare
14. Interlude 2
15. So So - featuring RedCloud
16. Nintendo Thumb
17. Smile On Me
Rating:Our users rated this release: 10 out of 10
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