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Rob Hodge - Rob Hodge is a Problem

Release:Rob Hodge is a Problem
Rob Hodge is a Problem
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:1. DJ Sean Blue intro
2. Gladiator
3. My way (freestyle)
4. DJ Sean Blu (drop)
5. I know - featuring Gwen Stefani
6. Soldier Boy
7. Back for the first time
8. So simple - featuring Myxtique
9. DJ Sean Blu (drop)
10. Pressure
11. Live fast die young - featuring 2Pac
12. Green Eye Monster - featuring Raw Word
13. Bad Boys - featuring T-Wyse
14. Dead or Alive
15. DJ Sean Blue (drop)
16. The Struggle - featuring T.K.
17. Alize
18. DJ Sean Blue (drop)
19. The Rebirth
20. So Good - featuring Zion
21. 2 The Hard Way - featuring K-Nine
22. Show Love - featuring Freddie Jackson
23. Philly´s Finest - featuring T.K. & S.O.G.
24. Any Given Sunday - featuring Japhia Life
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Original author/source
Review:North Philly's own Rob Hodge drops a little taste of what to expect when "Born King" hits stores later this year. Rob Hodge has a "...did he just say that?" type of approach when he spits and a mentality of changing the rap game is present within this 24 track, over 76 minute classic. Rob Hodge as you know is founder and CEO of Wiseman, Inc. I was first introduced "musically" to Rob Hodge with the "Wisemen Inc. present...The official jump off" CD in 2002. The only thing that has changed since then, is the beats. The style and the vision is still the same.

The first song is track 2 called "Gladiator" in which Rob in his first verse gives a brief testimony of how he was lost before he came to the cross and how is now representing the cross for God proclaiming "I'm a gladiator." In second verse, Rob shares who he is aiming for with his music. This song is a good intro of Rob because at the end of "Gladiator", Rob says "My life, my struggle, my pain, His gain." That right there paves the way for the rest of the album because you can feel this brothers passion in this CD.

I really enjoyed "I know" feat.Gwen Stefani. I know what your thinking..."a Gwen Stefani sample on a hip hop album!" "That's an oxymoron!" Actually this song comes out beautifully produced by Saint Man. Rob Hodge didn't hold back in this song. He talks about knowing what people go through in life. "Dead or Alive" is a club banger produced by Energy for Wiseman Inc. The song is about how his enemies want him to fail in his Christian walk. Rob has a response to them telling them who he trust.

"So Lord, please help your one disciple/They kill with there tongue like guns and rifles/But I'm never scared, I'm prepared for what ever/And in You I trust, were gonna stick together"/

"Rebirth" talks about how Rob had to "switch teams like Caron and Shaq" to become born again. "Philly's Finest" feat. T.K. & S.O.G. is also hot one. The collaboration on this song is like a true Believers anthem of Ja Rule's New York. "Any Given Sunday" feat. Japhia Life stresses how life is not promised and giving your life to Christ is important. Songs like "Pressure", "The Struggle" feat. T.K., and "Alize" deals with heavy real life issues that the church is sometimes afraid to address.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of mixtapes. Most of them seem like "teasers" that DJ's and radio stations truly enjoy because it's new music to blaze. Sometimes mixtapes seem to be poorly produced and mixed. This is not the case with Rob Hodge Vol.1. It's worthy to become a regular in your 5 disk CD changer!

By Michael Poole - WTW Magazine - April 2005
source: wtwmagazine.com, added: Aug 29, 2006
source: 1, added: Mar 02, 2015

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