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Sintax the Terrific - Simple moves (Illect)

Release:Simple moves (Illect)
Simple moves (Illect)
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:ILLECT Recordings
Info:Recorded and engineered by Sintax the Terrific.
Tracks 1, 3, 12, 13, 15, 17 - production by Dust.
Tracks 2, 6-9, 11, 16, 20, 22 - production by Freddie Bruno.
Track 4 - production by DJ Kurfu for Sasquatch productions.
Tracks 10, 18 - production by Justme
Track 14 - production by Dave Digler.
All cuts by DJ Kurfu, except on Dramamine as executed by Dust.
Artwork and design by Susan Brewer and Jason Cook.
Original photography by Susan Brewer.

1. Isaac
2. Blowing smoke
3. Shirt sleeve
4. The way we walk - featuring Mouth Warrin’
5. Note to the diskjock
6. Understudy
7. Firefly syndrome
8. Meeting and broad palmetto musings
9. Got beef
10. Starving artists - featuring Justme
11. Turnabout
12. We used to live in an apartment together - featuring Manchild
13. Dramamine
14. Along the bus line: tired tred - featuring Sev Static
15. Sensational
16. Ad infinitum - featuring Freddie Bruno
17. Tight
18. Angle of repose - featuring B Raw
19. Game on lock
20. A Mantra to breathe to
21. When I don’t show
22. Money back guarantee
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Review:Lyrically the album is good.
Musically the album is good.
Audio quality leaves tons to be desired.
(especially considering it is an Illect Release)
source: Jonek, added: Aug 15, 2006

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