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Deepspace5 - Unique, just like everyone else

Release:Unique, just like everyone else
Unique, just like everyone else
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Recordlabel:Gotee Records
Info:Second album which is released in May 2005. Artists performing are Beat Rabbi, Dust, Fred B, Listener, Manchild, Manwell (DJ), Playdough, Sev Statik, Sintax the Terrific and Sivion.

1. Talk music
2. Wingspan
3. Crumbs
4. Embrace
5. Mechanical advantage
6. Truth be told
7. Half hearted
8. Free checking
9. One and the same
10. City scaping
11. If I don't make it
12. Brilliant
13. Axe to grind
14. Start right here
15. I feel so bad
16. The last one
17. They say
18. Last ditch effort
19. One for the road
Rating:Our users rated this release: 7.9 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:Written by Administrator
Monday, 15 August 2005

Deepspace 5 started as a group of 5 emcees from various groups who were hanging out and decided to throw together some collab recordings. These humble tracks sent ripples through the underground hip-hop community and revealed the potential success of a full length album. "The Night We Called It A Day" was an underground success; a bit rough around the edges but brimming with raw talent and energy. Fast forward to 2005. Backed by the Gotee label and a few years of individual album releases, countless hours in the studio and months on tour they present "Unique, Just Like Everyone Else". 5 members has grown to 10. Skills like steel have hardened and technique has been honed to a keen edge. This album IS hip-hop.
If you don't know by now, Deepspace 5 (time 2?) consists of Dust, Sivion, Sintax, Manwell?, Sev Statik, Fred B, ManChild, Listener, Beat Rabbi and Playdough. If you think this is too many people to cram into one album, you'd be wrong. Remember, 3 of them are producers and there are a total of only 4 songs that incorporate all 7 emcees. While these 4 songs showcase the full lyrical onslaught that this crew can deliver it's been kept in check to help retain it's impact. The rest of the album consists of random pairings of 3 or 4 emcees maximum. With 19 full songs on this album there is time for everyone to shine. The various emcees play off of each other's sound and style, keeping listener engaged. The brunt of the production is handled by Dust of Mars Ill. The signature chunky drums and chopped samples weaving round brooding strings and basslines provide the foundation. Beat Rabbi and Sivion add their production touches to 6 tracks and the vinyl cuts of Manwell? punctuate 5.

While 19 tracks could have been a recipe for monotony, Deepspace 5 has done an excellent job managing the talent. Think about it as a mixtape more than a crew album. The album is primarily up-tempo but does have variety in tempo and mood.
There is something for every listener on this production. If you like beats, you can spend hours listening to the thickly layered samples and head knocking drums. If you like wordplay then Sev's raspy flow, Listeners rugged rants, ManChild's rolling imagery or Playdough's melodic chants are just the beginning. If you like a message then listen for musings on responsibility, battling or spirituality.

I've listened to "Unique. . ." many times over and while I understand that people appreciate some hip-hop styles more than others I think this album has a place on everyone's shelf. It's hip-hop: pure, elemental, creative, underground and polished. Whatever you want to call your hip-hop "preference", this album has a place in your collection.

There are rare times when an album will reach down inside you and stir your gut. Sparks that rush of energy and gets you hyped up like the horns in the Rocky movie. This is one of those albums that can restore your faith that good hip-hop is still alive an well.


4.5 of 5 stars
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