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Propaganda - Out of knowhere

Release:Out of knowhere
Out of knowhere
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Recordlabel:Uprok Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Keep it live
3. I know
4. Interlude
5. Time and place
6. We are featuring Sharlok Poems
7. My life, my music featuring Macho
8. You ain't ready
9. Interlude
10. Don't let us lose it
11. Ya never know (played by the game) featuring Raphi
12. Keep on signin' featuring Dax
13. We "sketchbooks"
14. Move with me featuring Macho
15. It's Just Life
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Review:Written by SSRC
Friday, 30 May 2003
Propaganda - Out Of Knowhere

On Tunnel Vision one of the two Tunnel Rat ladies Zane had a song called "Change", that talked about just that. The TR's have always been a group that practices what they preach and "Change" is no different. While everyone was finally getting settled with the new Tunnel Rat line up the Rats go and change it up again adding 2 new members. One of those is the multi talented dreaded MC named Propaganda. As the album title suggests he has come out of nowhere and presents us with a new voice for Tunnel Rat fans everywhere.

You will realize quickly that this is not your typical TR release as Dert only produces one track. Donavan Luke Henry carries the production load on this release and does an outstanding job lacing Propaganda with beats that fit his flow to a tee. Each song has its own feel and a large part of that is thanks to Donavan on the boards. Propaganda doesn't disappoint either as he proves his versatility on the mic. The second track called "I Know" solidifies the fact that he can battle rap teaming up with the Dokument on this no holds bar banger. Each emcee hits you over the head with their distinct styles and Dokument ends the song off with one of the albums best lines

"Who's playing the game, I'm running your life,
If you married to the mic, just know I'm touching your wife".

On "My Life My Music" Props and Macho show they know how to keep the party live with a track that makes your body move. With a Latin style guitar and a bouncy beat Props flows over the track with confidence and grace. If Tony Touch ever got a hold of this song the Taino Turntable Terror would be bumping it on his next mixtape guaranteed. "Ya Never Know" has the emcee detailing stories about the trials of relationships and not moving to fast. This track will have you hooked from the beginning as the story unfolds to an ending you might not expect. "Time and Place" as well as "Keep It Live" add to the mix as they bring a different flavor to the album and keep it a diverse listen.

After a couple of listens the album will grow on you even more and Propaganda will gain the listeners respect. This album has a perfect layout to introduce everyone to Propaganda's sound, with guest appearances thankfully not bogging down the albums liner notes. The Tunnel Rats future looks very bright as they have added yet another outstanding emcee to an already stacked lineup.

4 of 5 stars
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 12, 2006
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