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Lecrae - Rehab Deluxe

Release:Rehab Deluxe
Rehab Deluxe
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Reach Records
Info:Disc 1: Rehab
1. Check In
2. Killa
3. Divine Intervention Featuring J.R.
4. Just Like You Featuring J. Paul
5. Gotta Know Featuring Benjah
6. Used To Do It Too Featuring Kb
7. Children Of The Light Featuring Dillavou, Sonny Sandoval
8. High Featuring Suzy Rock
9. New Shalom Featuring Pro
10. 40 Deep Featuring Tedashii, Trip Lee
11. Walking On Water
12. God Is Enough Featuring Flame, Jai
13. Boasting Featuring Anthony Evans
14. Background Featuring C-Lite
15. New Reality Featuring Chinua Hawk
16. Release Date Featuring Chris Lee
17. I Love You (Bonus Track) Featuring Chris Lee

Disc 2: Overdose
1. Overdose.
2. More.
3 Battle Song Featuring Suzy Rock
4 Anger Management Featuring Thi'sl
5. Blow Your High Featuring Canon
6. Strung Out.
7. Chase That (Intro).
8. Chase That (Ambition).
9. The Good Life Featuring J. Paul
10. Like That.
11. Going In Featuring Swoope
12. Hallelujah.
13. Wish It Wasn't True.
14. Jesus Muzik (Dubstep Remix)

Disc 3: DVD
1. Bonus DVD
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