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Procussions - Proseeds : B-sides, Remixes and Collabos

Release:Proseeds : B-sides, Remixes and Collabos
Proseeds : B-sides, Remixes and Collabos
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:This digital download is released on May 3rd, 2007. It contains tracks that have been released on mixtapes, Japanese album versions, or are otherwise hard to get hold of.

1. Sound Providers featuring The Procussions - 5 Minutes
2. DJ Tonk featuring The Procussions - All Night
3. One Block Radius featuring Mr. J & Stro - Loud and Clear (Remix)
4. Hocus Pocus featuring the Procussions - Hip hop?
5. The Earl featuring Stro - Life (Kev Brown Remix)
6. The Procussions - Simple Song (Headnodic Remix)
7. Deux Process featuring Stro - Everyday
8. The Procussions - Miss January (Stro Version)
9. Deux Process featuring Stro - I Found You
10. Ohmega Watts featuring Stro - The Find
11. Headnodic featuring The Procussions - Drive
12. The Procussions - Expect The Worst
13. Rez and Stro - Good Feelin
14. Ohmega Watts featuring Lightheaded and The Procussions - That Sound
15. Illmind & Symbolic One featuring The Procussions - Higher Power
16. Stro the 89th Key - Requiem for Dilla
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