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Joe, The - Cool-School Geek-Rap BackPack Weird-Core : The Mixtape

Release:Cool-School Geek-Rap BackPack Weird-Core : The Mixtape
Cool-School Geek-Rap BackPack Weird-Core : The Mixtape
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released in August 2006 as a free download.

1. Richard Connell
2. The Radio
3. Sock-Hop Battle Rap
4. Bully Prose - featuring Well Put
5. My People - featuring Shortop, Jonek, Xlacks, & Well Put
6. Strictly Lyrics
7. Freezer Burn
8. Supermarket Hip-Hop
9. Iced Caps
10. The Good Ones
11. Pops
12. Spotted Leopards + 3 hilarious ditties about awesome
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8.3 out of 10
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Review:Cool-School Geek-Rap BackPack Weird-Core : The Mixtape.
What can be said about this mixtape that hasn't already been said? Everything. This is a clear step up from The Proletariat LP. Not just one step. Many steps. And as a free download, this deal just not get any better. The only reservation I have lies within the name. So I generally just call it "The Joe's Mixtape". DJ Shortop provides brilliant scratches along this album, and it features some great guest spots from guys like Jonek, and WellPut. The main selling point (besides the price) is The Joe's newfound comic/intellectual style and flow. "...I'm fly off the dome like Inspector Gadget..." and "...their raps are fragile and screwed up like a light bulb..." are just some examples.
Listen to it.
Download it.
What have you got to lose, besides maybe 1 hour of time... (15 minute download and 45 minutes worth of tracks, if you don't like it)
Then, keep 2 eyes on the guys from Alberta, cause there's an explosion of Holy Hip Hop from that area.
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