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E-Roc - Back 2 Earth

Release:Back 2 Earth
Back 2 Earth
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Grapetree Records
Info:This album was released under the name: Rhymes Monumental.

1. Intro
2. Streets
3. Back 2 Earth
4. Selling Lots O Hip Hop
5. Mad Drummer #1
6. Just Wanna Say
7. F.L.O.W. - featuring Playdough
8. Peep My Word
9. Spittin’ Life
10. Mad Drummer #2
11. Smash
12. F.L.O.W. Remix
13. Revolution
14. Mad Drummer #3
15. All My Friends
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Original author/source
Review:Written by SSRC
Saturday, 07 June 2003
Rhymes Monumental - Back 2 Earth

Rhymes Monumental had been floating around the solar system infecting any kind of life form with Hip Hop music and has now landed back on his home planet. In 1998 it was time to Target Earth with a full platter of rhymes and beats and two skillful friends named Blake Knight and Playdough. In the year 2000 Rhymes visited earth again but this time brought us a message that there is A Lie N Science. Earth had embraced his friends Ill Harmonics so he came back even stronger with the Wild 7 showcasing more emcees such as Freddie Bruno, Phat K.A.T.S., Tecknowledge and BPM. Now in 2003 Rhymes has decided he has been gone too long and that its time to come Back 2 Earth.

The biggest difference from Rhymes first two albums is the change in production. The first two albums were handled by Blake Knight, Harry Krum and Sir Roc and had a more futuristic approach to the beats. Back 2 Earth has every track except one done by Fatheads and the sound of the album is more old school which works in Rhymes Monumentals favor.

The album starts off with Streets that has Rhymes rocking a raw beat that takes you back to simpler times. This song shows that less can be more when it is done well. Selling Lots O Hip Hop talks about the fakeness of the industry and how there is rap music for everyone's tastes from Dirty South to XXX. Over a Jazzy horn sample this track comes off tight with both the emcee and production come together as one. The halfway point of Back 2 Earth produces the hands down best song on the album. Rhymes teams up with Playdough which is the only guest spot on the LP and rocks the track F.L.O.W. to shreds. There should be a warning on the album cover about whiplash because after this track makes its way into your ears your head starts bobbing uncontrollably. This track alone is worth the price of the album!

You will find that this is not Rhymes Monumentals strongest overall effort, but it has arguably his strongest song with F.L.O.W. The production has its highlights and is strong but does have the tendency to be too simple on certain tracks. Rhymes can flow but sometimes you wish he would try something new with his flow, before the song starts you know how he is going to sound. Back 2 Earth is a solid disc that will take you back and give you some good old fashioned Hip Hop.

3 of 5 stars
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 12, 2006
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source: Jenilyn, added: Oct 29, 2015

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