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E-Roc - Target Earth

Release:Target Earth
Target Earth
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Grapetree Records
Info:This album was released under the name: Rhymes Monumental.

1. The Battle: Christ Vs. The Deathstar
2. Big Ups
3. Original Warchild
4. Hooked On Christ
5. Godcore
6. Headstrong
7. Ghostriders
8. Blitzkrieg
9. Invasion Crooklyn
10. The Tribute
11. Target Earth
12. The Battle (Remix)
13. I Knew This Girl Named Jewels
Rating:Our users rated this release: 5.5 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:First of all my crew has always lived by the ideal that Jesus often spoke in parables. He never walked to a sinner and said I am the son of God. Get saved or get out of the way. He told parables, or stories so that the sinner could hear and understand. If Jesus spoke to everyone about the absolute truth they would die from the knowledge. that's why we weren't suppose to eat the fruit in the first place. that's why God never once shows his face in the Bible because if you saw him you would die from the glory because of your sin. You CANNOT preach to an unsaved person unless they accept Christ. The Bible tells you that no matter what you say it will fall upon deaf ears unless they have a personal relationship with Christ. The goal of our albums is to tear down Christian religious myths through parables an unsaved mind can understand. Our crew has been praising God across the world for 10 years now and we are very ministry oriented. For Jelani to post that we are all bravado and similes is the worst representation of our ministry I have ever heard. You can not listen to our styles and concepts and grasp them in 30 listenings yet alone 1 taste. You can actually harm people on this listserve who are not yet totally saved to suggest that an actual Christian artist is into the same thing the world is.

As for the album if you take time to listen to the lyrics you will uncover gems! I am sorry If we don't tell stories of a past of blunts and stunts, drug dealing, pimping and kiliing to be considered a Christian album!

Let's go into hip hop 101: First of all you can't assume what anybody's rhymes actually mean unless you know where their heart is. If we are Christ centered then our lyrics should match, also try to remember who we are addressing when we are rhyming, you the Christian or the world.

Let's review the Rhymes Monumental Album, Concept: Target Earth
We took an aliens approach because the Bible tells us we are not part of this world.
Our crew also takes the stance of the warrior since Christ himself said I did not come to bring peace but to seperate father from son, brother from brother,
So we are assaulting the world with our annointed music and if you can't catch the darts you will blow up(or die) becasue you can't handle the truth.

Song 1 - The Battle: Christ vs. the Deathstar
This seems like the most "Christian" song becasue WOW it has Christ in the title! Actually it is the 3rd or 4th most "Christian" song. It is the tale of two superheroes battling the devil. They are super because they have Christ.

Song 2 - Big Ups
This song is an attempt to have a cool gesture instead of that raise the roof junk. Big Ups means props to our father. Notable lyric "Here comes the man with the wicked and the wild, now watch the world smile when I kick it rhymes style, do whatcha like, i sky hi like Mike, Image is nothing devil so go grab a sprite"

Seems simple: translation - Walking right amongst the sinners and the saved is a man who transcends predjudice against Christian rappers with his rhymes since image has nothing to do with reality. Now I'm not gonna do this deep the whole time but you see what I mean by listening. You'd never know that unless you knew us personally, so try to figure it out by the Christ in us.

Song 3 - Original Warchild
old skool new york beat. testimony in the first verse, talking about doing shows. that was easy. vs 2. 1st lyric ".... get lifted by the gifted not a sniff of glue." what do you mean what are we talking about? "make em see the light on this living wild kingdom" hmmm - an attempt to get people saved. oh well. next verse - talking to the devil and unsaved rappers. battling. (we won't go there) total devil diss about how we are way better than any styles he could come up with.

Song 4 - Hooked on Christ feat. the illharmonics (play dough and Blake Knight)
Concept: Telling the world they don't need a hook (drugs, sex, money) just Christ. Play dough talks about his love for hip hop but only with Christ Rhymes talks about his quest to integrate his love for hip hop as a weapon against devils and as a tool to save emcees. In 3rd verse uses the world's slogans to shed light on their limited power. "...Jesus paid off your loan no matter your skin tone"

Song 5 - Godcore feat. Play Dough
Concept: You can keep the hardcore, yardcore, horrorcore, and whatever. Our core is Christ!
First lyric "Grab the mic stack the chips make way for the illest, 40 knucks with the buckshot loaded up for the kill list!" This means bet on us because we already have victory even amongst 40 gangstas who will hate you not because of your rhymes but because you are a Christian!
vs. 2. - "and he lives in me not one but three the trinity if you need to soul search take your butt to church". sometimes you gotta tell that sinner you've been ministering to to stop making excuses!
vs. 3 - Play Dough does an intersting tale comparing the way hip hop has been commercialized to Pharoah trying to capture Moses. How creative.

Song 6 - Headstrong
Concept: Some people won't listen to you no matter what you say! They're headstrong. "... my source is the main looking at the front door". Play on rhyme about God is your source for all things. plus plugging fun at one of our favorite oldies Looking at the front door by Main Source. " ... i grasp my stun gun (bible) shooting verses and scriptures until they need stitches". Sometimes preaching is like a heavyweight bout and you have to know your word, especially if a demon manifests in your realm!

Song 7 - Ghostriders
Concept: Take the old Marvel comic and turn it around. How about Holy Ghost riders riding in for the rescuse with motorcycles engulfed in Holy Fire with legions of Angels flanking each side. Would scare a sinner straight I would think! That's how we come when we do our shows. "natural blends of weed can't erase your fear!" "no time to recognize, black clouds, muddy waters, dead seas, and pale skies" Hey man! The signs are here, Jesus is coming back like a thief in the night so get ready!!! "We Ghost we outta sight" We call on the Holy Ghost to evade your attacks.

Song 8 - Blitzkrieg
Concept: We drop concepts and lyrics like the old style of German warfare, wreaking havoc regardless of our own lives, merciless and on fire. We are not scared to tell you that it is war and that we are after your soul. We are acknowledging the fact that some of the world will not make it and will become mine enemy. No time for sensitivity baby!

Song 9 - Invasion Crooklyn
An ode to the special need to get our home town saved!

Song 10 - The Tribute
A special tribute to eroc's older albums that not many heard because they were special order. All the samples off that album are from previous eroc albums.

Song 11 - Target Earth

Song 12 - I knew this girl named Jewels
Don't need to talk about this one it got some props.

Once again this is a concept album. I don't mind criticism about beats, lyrics, styles, production quality, album covers, shows, or choice of record companies.

But if you ever question our committment to Christ, ministering, or walk your barking up the wrong tree. We are not new to this game and have made the necessary sacrifices in our personal lives, relationships, and personal health to earn the right to drop a CD that rep's Christ.

I also realize that this flavor of hip hop can be misconstrued, but if you really want to know listen, write down the lyrics (or request them from the record company), pray on it and evaluate them yourselves. Your suppose to do that after your pastor gives the message as well. Never take anybody's word - Consult the Bible.

Oh! Here's some more bravado. Target Earth - Album of the Year!
source: e-mail by E-Roc, added: Feb 23, 2005

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