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Theory Hazit - Necrology 101 : Tha BoomKlapp : Instrumentals

Release:Necrology 101 : Tha BoomKlapp : Instrumentals
Necrology 101 : Tha BoomKlapp : Instrumentals
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:This album contains the instrumental tracks of Necrology 101, which was released in July 2004 and is the first record of the Necrology triple album series. Part two was released in August 2005 as Necrology 102.
Production by Theory Hazit.

1. Tha Catacomb Intro
2. Tha catacomb
3. Soulwinners
4. Rite or left (hazit mix)
5. Get smacked
6. Tha boomklapp
7. Freeslaves
8. No cross, no crown
9. .....Afterdeezmessagez (stay 2end pt. II)
10. Boomklapp intermission
11. Mic rabbi
12. Unnatural
13. Huuuaah!
14. Super Jesus
15. 4Givmee
16. This message
17. Imhealed
18. Nameless
19. Outro?
20. This message (remix)
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