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Theory Hazit - Necrology : 102 Reprogrammed

Release:Necrology : 102 Reprogrammed
Necrology : 102 Reprogrammed
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:This album was released in August 2005 and is the second record of the Necrology triple album series. Part one was released in July 2004 as Necrology 101.

Production by Dilema.
Executive production by Jamie Farris & T. Washington for WonderHazit 2005.
Mixed by Theory Hazit

21. Continued - featuring manCHILD
22. Reprogrammed - featuring z1 of DPA
23. Backslider's Song
24. Time Life - featuring k-Drama
25. Hazit VS LolliGag
26. Clones - featuring Flip 46 and Wonder Brown, cuts by DJ Identity.
27. Find Out - featuring Preacha Mann
28. Other Side
29. Deactivate
30. What You Won't Do
31. Math Pt.1
32. Something Lovely - featuring Tony Stone and KabOose, background vocals by Honey Child, cuts by DJ Identity
33. Hear, I Come
34. Reprogrammed Reprise - featuring 27
35. Stewpid - featuring Mic Cause (Mic Cos)
36. He Still Loves Me - featuring Lesun
37. Give In/Resign Yourself - featuring illete TSG and Sev Statik
38. My Favorite Hip Hop Joint - featuring Nya G
39. Speed
40. Transportation - featuring Mouf Warren
41. You Can Call - featuring Homage, background vocals (phone convo) by 80Proof
42. Everybody's Crazy - featuring Kurrect and Excal The HellGateRebel of Bang Theory
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Original author/source
Review:Written by LaRosa
Saturday, 12 August 2006

Theory Hazit - Necrology 102: Reprogrammed

After getting Theory Hazit's first album, I'll admit that I wasn't very impressed with the brother. Sure, his beats were nice, but everything else about the project seemed to be lacking. The packaging was pretty bland and so were the rhymes and mixing. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect when I got the opportunity to review the second installment in the necrology series; I could only hope that he had gotten much better all around. Well, that's what I'm here to talk about, whether Theory Hazit really has it with his sophomore release titled "Necrology 102: Reprogrammed."

From the very beginning, things are quite different with this project, but that's not necessarily a good thing. For starters, the cover art is much improved, but it's not like that means a whole lot when it comes to the sound of the music. Upon first playing the album, I was very annoyed with the fact that I had to skip through 20+ blank tracks before I could even get to the first track. What was the point of that Theory Hazit? Luckily I was ripping the CD to my computer, so I was able to discard those blank tracks.

Once I finally got to the music, I was pleasantly surprised to hear some top notch production, but that was an area that he was never lacking in (after hearing him on Holy Culture Radio's mixtape and THIS Click's Serious Series mixtapes). Upon getting deeper into the album I found out that his rhymes were much improved (and likable) and the mixing sounded much better. This was beginning to become something that I could listen to more than once and after I'm done with the review. Theory Hazit really gets down on songs like "Backsliders Song" where he's able to flex some lyrical muscle. He also has a multitude of guest emcees such as k-Drama, Mouf Warren, and others who also lend their rhyming abilities to the project to help raise the bar.

Overall, I was very pleased with this album. There were a few quirky areas, like the Lolligag interlude, but with those aside it's a very nice project. Theory Hazit really stepped up to the plate and had a clutch hit with "Necrology 102." I wasn't sure that he could do it, but he did and now he's really come into his own. Now a member of the Scribbling Idiots and signed to HipHop IS Music, I can't wait to see what he offers in the future.

For fans of: Scribbling Idiots, JustMe, Cas Metah, LA Symphony, LightHeaded

3.5 of 5 stars

source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 12, 2006

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