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E-Roc - The Return

Release:The Return
The Return
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Phat Boy Recordings
Info:Production by Harry Krum, Blake Knight, ILL Harmonics and Super Menn for Beat Ranch Productions.
Executive production by Knolly Williams.
All songs mixed by Blake Knight for Beat Ranch Productions at the Corral Sound Facility.
All lyrics by E-Roc except for guest appearances.

Th Wild Seven consists of
E-Roc as New York Jones, sheriff of the Wild Seven.
Marc Day as DJ Blackfoot.
Blake Knight as Texas Ranger.
Playdough as Pale Writer the 38 gunslinger.
Rhymes Monumental as Space Cowboy.

1. Return - featuring Rhymes Monumental
2. Step 2 This
3. Rhymeology - featuring Blake Knight
4. Land of Golden Mics & Pearly Rhymes - featuring Playdough
5. Seven Deadly Styles - featuring The Wild Seven
6. Shotgunz & Scriptures
7. Expiration Date: 08/98
8. Dead Man Walking - featuring Judge Playdough, Bass by Blake Knight
9. Hellcrasha
10. Masterminds
11. Emcee's Guide 2 the Universe - featuring Tom Slick, intro by Blake and Barry Knight
13. Smoke 'Em up Kid - featuring Marc day of BPM
14. Endless Skies (Godcore Mix) - featuring ILL Harmonics
15. I Am
16. Dead Man Walking (No Pulse Remix)
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Review:Produced by: Beat Ranch Productions

E-roc has been in the Christian Rap industry for over a decade. The truth is, E-roc has come a long way since dancing for Vanilla Ice, being on the Hammer World Tour, and being in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II movie. A small voice from God on the night Vanilla Ice was about to win the American Music Award was all it took to convince E that he was headed on a path of destruction. "Where is Vanilla Ice today?" is a usual statement in E's preaching, to show that when the devil is done with you, he doesn't care how many fans you've got. Bringing an East Coast style with much experience in the rap game, E-roc is pivoted to march out strong.
source: unknown, added: Feb 23, 2005

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