XL & DBD (Death Before Dishonor)
Album: Sodom and America
Released: 1993
Word Records

If you like the secular group Living Colour, then this is an album to check out. XL & Death Before Dishonor have created an exciting, aggressive Rap/Rock/Hip-Hop/Thrash/Punk album that you might find if you mixed up Mike-E, D.C. Talk, and One Bad Pig. The album's pace is great, blending heavy bass with harsh electric guitars. It mixes tunes emphasizing each of these influences into a hard hitting experience that seems to last much longer than the 41 minute playing time. The lyrics are hard hitting, aggressive, and even militant, matching the musical style perfectly.

There's quite a topical diversity as well. There are songs addressing street life and others addressing the Christian faith. The message is urgent, easy to understand, militant at times, slightly violent in spots, but positive on the whole.

Unlike most recordings in this genre, XL & DBD avoid getting stuck in the darkness. There are a couple dark songs, but for the most part, they present a path to the light, making this a surprisingly uplifting album in comparison.

(source: Roger Appelinski, Copyright ©1993 THE LIGHTHOUSE)

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