.rod laver
Album: Essence of the game
Released: 1999
Label: Screaming GIANT Records

1 Way

12th Tribe
Album: Gritty Funk Residue
Gritty Funk Residue
Label: Rescue Records

3 - BOOT
9 - BORN
11 - SLAVE
12 - DANCE
13 - DEEP
14 - LEAD
15 - CAMP
16 - SONG

Album: Knowledge is the Tree of Life
Released: 1991

Album: Livin' in Babylon
Released: 1992

2 Edge Sword
Album: From wilderness to the kingdom
Released: 1997

Artist Info: 

A Brand new eddition to gospel hip hop, comin early 97. Stylistics of down south with a up north twist. With tracks from a soon to come female (Sista Tera from Alabama State Uni) guaranteed to be da bomb. In a preview at a Jesus Jam in Aurburn 2E rocked da house so I am looking forward to his release soon. Soon after dat Sis Tera will be dropping a solo jami. If your head does not bobb to this, see a doctor i think something myte be wrong with your neck and head.

A must Have...

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3rd Nail Productions
Gotta do (Realaudio)
Realaudio Reign (Realaudio)

E-Mail: 3np@aol.com
Artist Info: 
Third Nail Productiopns, M.G., Smoke Jumpa, and D.J. Nikel.

Album: Counsel of the Wise

Album: Poetically Consecrated
Released: 1997

65 dBA
Artist Info: 
100 Cody Rd.
Mobile, AL

Album: Bubble

Album: Shout
Released: 1994
Label: Integrity

1. Circle
2. Without Your Love
3. Peace
4. Shout
5. Sea of Love
6. YO YO
7. Never Gonna Give You Up
8. Purify
9. Crucified
10. Dance Remix: Circle
11. Dance Remix: Purify

Album: The Great Awakening
Released: 1993
Label: Integrity

For those of you who don't know what a dB (decibel) is, I'll tell you (since I'm working on my Doctorate in Acoustics, I should know!). A dB is the logarithm of a ratio of sound pressure levels (usually to a standard). dB's are commonly used to compare the loudness of sounds. For example, a noisy street is usually about 75 dB while a recording studio might be around 25 dB. A dBA simply means that a standard "A-type" frequency weighting has been applied to the sound before the dB level is calculated. Is this making any sense yet? I thought I would give a little bit of an idea, but, essentially, a dB tells how loud a sound is.

65 dBA would probably be round the volume of background music or casual conversation. This new group from England is cranking it up with The Great Awakening, a project I certainly played louder than 65 dBA.

The album starts with a soft, worshipful and dreamy, praise anthem, "Great Awakening." They don't even finish fading out this song before the house beat of "We Must Go" kicks in. "Waging War" follows after the first pause in the recording with a hard rock feel. Up next is "Work the Worx" and is a grooving tune with a techno feel, heavy on the keyboards, and a rap bridge. They then slow it down a bit with a slow R&B'ish ballad, "Can You See the Tears."

The second half of the album starts with "Hope of Heaven," a bass-driven danceable tune sounding like a cross between Duran Duran and Culture Club. Next is "Come Soon Lord Jesus," with an up-beat guitar/synthesizer-driven groove. Then, taking quite a turn for the softer side, "Behold the Lamb" follows as a tender song of worship. "I Want to be a Holy Child" comes in gently with a sweet duet and "Are You Ready" closes out the project with an urgent, guitar-driven, rock sound.

I would figure this album would minister to Christians more than it would appeal to the unsaved. "Waging War" and its talk about our "army" and "sword of the Holy Spirit" probably would scare off most non-believers. But, assuming that the album was intended more for Christians, it hits the mark. It offers modern songs of praise, songs of encouragement, and songs to challenge us to stronger devotion to Christ.

This album is probably the most diverse collection of songs by one group I've ever heard. It's interesting that they use five different lead singers on that album. At first it seems strange to cram so many musical styles together, but it is interesting, fresh, and enjoyable. If your tastes span several musical genres, this is probably one that you'll enjoy.

--J. Warner Soditus

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7-9 Click
Artist Info: 
Info/bookings: tel #=323 758-3777

Homepage: http://www.faithdome.org
Album: 79
Released: 1998

1. Intro
2. Spiritual Warfare *
3. Whatchu Laughin' At *
4. All I Do ^
5. One Love *
6. Dime ^
7. Can't Beat +
8. Faith Is *

Produced by=* Jimmie "Jim Gittum" Rodgers for Gittoknowhim Productions, ^ Brycyn "Juvie" Evans for Nature's Fynest Productions, + DeAndre Burns and Brycyn "Juvie" Evans for Nature's Fynest Productions, Intro by 79

7th Poet