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E-Mail: n-daze@orangenet.co.uk
Homepage: http://cw.orangenet.co.uk/~sounddoc/ndaze1.htm
Album: Chapter One (EP)

Native Son & The Foundation
Album: Life in the Grave

Native Styles
Homepage: http://pilot.msu.edu/user/sighmarc
Album: Freedom songs
Freedom songs

Album: Mindflow

Network Assembly

Homepage: http://godzhouse.com/nevermor/

News Boys
Artist Info: 
The Newsboys, originating from Australia (but now residing in the U.S.A.) was fouded by Peter Furler (drums/songwriter/leadvocals) and John James (vocals) in the 80's. The other members of this 6-man-band are Jody Davis (gitar), Duncan Phillips (percussion), Phil Urry (bass/vocals) and Jeff Frankenstein (keyboards)

Album: Boys Will Be Boyz
Boys Will Be Boyz
Released: 1991

Album: Going Public
Going Public
Released: 1994

Album: Hell Is For Wimps
Hell Is For Wimps
Released: 1990

Album: Not Ashamed
Not Ashamed
Released: 1992

Album: Read All About It
Read All About It
Released: 1988

Album: Take Me To Your Leader
Take Me To Your Leader
Released: 1996


Noisy Little Sunbeams
Album: Noisy Little Sunbeams

Nu Nation
Album: Why we sing
Released: 1995

Gettho Mission Video (Realmedia)

Album: 1998
Released: 1998

Album: As Da World Turns 2

Homepage: http://www.nuwine.com
Album: As Da World Turns: More than just a ...)
Label: Wine-o Records

This special-release CD (only available on the Web) is a compilation album showcasing the talents of various artists coordinated by Nuwine, with special appearances by Lil' Raskull.

Source: NuWine's homepage

The cover art for Nuwine's latest CD 'As The World Turns: More Than Just A Soap Opera' has the artist looming larger than life in a galaxy, pouring out blood from a broken bottle onto our resident planet. The container's contents are only identified as Acts 2:17.

"And it shall come to pass that in the last days, says God. That I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams." (NKJV)

Certainly this is the fruition of a dream for both Nuwine and our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ. The deep-voiced, lanky artist from H-town gets a chance to show some love to six other talented Southern artists and the Holy Trinity gets glorified on every track.

Nuwine and his sidekick Lil' Raskull start off the CD with boomin' bass and thoughtful lyrics on "Wake Up and Die" and set the stage for the rest of the talent later on. Although the subject of the song may confuse the non-Christian listener, the underlying truth of the words cannot be denied. Peep Romans 6:6-7 for scriptural background.

This is not simply Nuwine's sophomore album, but rather a showcase of other Southern talent and styles. Almost none of the featured artists have similar sounds and may have as little in common as the slight peppering of the word "y'all" in their speech.

Stephanie brings a female R&B style on two tracks and a straight praise jam called "More Like You". If you're looking for the lyrical acrobatic style of say, the Tunnel Rat Family, check out Blackseed. He only gets one track but flows like the Mississippi on "Desolate Lady", a touching narrative about a misguided woman that fits all too well in today's society.

Maybe you're more into that South Texas gangsta funk? Well, get ready to connect the dots on you eq. and crank up the bass 'cause the Eternal G's are about to bump your trunk. "Break It Down Mellow" represents G-town (Galveston, TX) and J.C. to the fullest. Rock A and Breadman don't play on the beats or the lyrics. This is definitely the group to watch out for in the next year. Along the same lines comes Trilogy with "Mr. No Compromise". He's got a truer Houston sound with a message about the type of attitude that we as Christians should carry on a daily basis.

The only thing that appears to be out of place on this compilation is the comedy bits by Chucky Jenkins. They tend to interrupt the flow of the music and aren't really all that funny. "Ark of the Covenant" and "Faith Walker" are more skits with some nice voice impersonations. It's like Forrest Gump, Indiana Jones, or Yoda teaching your Sunday school class. It's cool at first but nothing you'd want to hear over and over.

Don't get me wrong, Chucky's a trip and has some funny material. He was off the hook at the CD release party in Houston May 31. It's just that these tracks aren't his best and could be the only stumbling block in an otherwise impressive collection. I might be a little hesitant giving this CD to a non-Christian knowing that as soon as his trunk stops rattling from the Eternal G's, the next sound he'll hear is the Ten Commandments being recited by Indy. Take out some of those cuts and you've got an eclectic sounding, powerful ministry tool.

Nuwine's got it all in "As Da World Turns". A well-produced freshman effort from his Newinery Records label, a chance to represent the South and get some unknown emcees national recognition, and most importantly, a Christ-glorifying, entertaining compilation CD.

"...Your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams."

reviewed by stj

Album: Da bloody 5th
Da bloody 5th

NuWine comin from the 5th Ward, brings the hard core style of gangsta rap to gospel hip hop. If u were delievered from gangsta rappers like Gheto Boys and Tu Pac I recommend Him. A Must Have.

(source: Fatz Home Page on the Internet)

Album: Ghetto Mission: One Million Souls
Released: 1998

Album: Tha bloody 5th

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