L.A. Symphony
Heartfelt Rhymes (MP3)
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L.G. Wise
Album: G's us 4 life

Album: Never alone
Released: 1998
Label: Phat Boy


Album: Street Gospel

Conquistador (Realaudio)

E-Mail: Labklik@juno.com
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/il/illtripp/index.html
Artist Info: 
Timothy Olson
3248 Pringle Rd. Se. #30
Salem, Or 97302

Chunksta the Listena and Illtripp are the head of this world-wide crew, their new album features phat joints such as: "non-dementiquar" and "take this world away" with 3np's MG!

E-Mail: illtripp@webtv.net
Album: Five Elements (Tape)
Released: 1997

Album: Non-Dimenticar
Released: 1997

Album: Shadow of your smile

Album: The soundtrack

Album: Worldwide

Lady J.
Lookin 4 u (Realaudio)
Realaudio Sista Girl (Realaudio)

E-Mail: ummu@ummu.com
Homepage: http://www.ummu.com/
Album: On Top Of The World
On Top Of The World

Album: Sanctified Vibe (Video)

Album: The Message

Lady J's debut album is quickly becoming a classic. The songs Undercover Christians, The Message and Doo Wop have been crowd favorites on radio and in live performances nationwide!

(source: Christsyde on Internet)

Album: The Zone (single)
The Zone (single)

The first solo female holy hip-hopper with a national release since 1991! Flexin' truly versitile styles this maxi-single showcases cuts from the full-length album "On Top Of The World". Phat flavas & intense lyrical skillz make this one of the best g-rap releases of 97!

(source: Christsyde on Internet)
Lamar J. Sapp

LG Wise
time like this (MP3)
Realaudio Time like this (Realaudio)

Album: G's us 4 life
G's us 4 life

Album: Never Alone
Label: Grapetree

Lil Raskull
1 (MP3)
MP3 2 (MP3)
Realaudio Gods Delight (Realaudio)

E-Mail: praise@pdq.net
Homepage: http://www.nuwine.com/html/tharaspage.html
Album: Controverse All-Star
Controverse All-Star

Comin Striaght Out The Grapetree Family, Lil Raskull brings a new style to gospel hip hop. Considerable one of the best christain rappers, Lil Raskull talks Jesus throughout the whole C.D. and not just a few songs. Well I hope Jesus contenues to use him to reach many more through this thing called Gospel Hip Hop. A Must Have For The Peep's Interested in Hip Hop.

(source: Fatz Home Page on the Internet)

Album: Cross Bearing

Album: Glory to Glory
Released: 1998
Label: Grapetree

Album: T.B.C.
Label: Wine-o Records

Lil' G's
Label: Det records

Limit X
Artist Info: 
P.O. Box7704
Riverside, CA

Album: Malibongwe

Album: Send me
Send me

Liquid Echo

Lord Byron
Album: Keep The Fire Burning
Keep The Fire Burning
Label: Grapetree

This album is slated on the cover as "the solo joint by the founder of I.D.O.L. King". Not having listened to I.D.O.L. King much before their latest album, the only lyrical sample I had of Lord Byron to go by was the cameo appearance he made on "True 2 Tha Game" by the G.O.G.'z. Since that flow was legit, I figured I'd give my man a try.

Lord Byron wastes no time getting down to business. The very first track is called "Come Clean" and in it the LB launches a scathing indictment on folks in the church living in sin. While the song is rather long (over 7 minutes) it sets the tone for most of the album. This album is very confrontational. Songs like "Humility", "Vicissitude" and "Flee Fornication" are very in-your-face types of songs. Likewise, the music itself has a very stark feel to it. The grooves are very stripped-down, consisting mostly of bass and drum tracks and R&B samples with some guitar and synth hooks here and there.

Lyrically, Lord Byron has a very frantic style. It's not spastic like Buster Rhymes, but quite often his delivery is very fast-paced and sometimes he punctuates his phrases in a melodic fashion. His rhymes are very blunt (no, not blunted. that would be the Fugees) and sometimes he says things that other folk want to say but lack the nerve. Because of his candid style, sometimes the rhymes catch you off guard, which I think is its desired effect. While the album does contain some singing here and there, the overall sound of the album is rather stern.

My favorite song from the album is the last track entitled "Uninterrupted Praise", and the title is really self-explanatory. It opens with a classic hip-hop loop and with a combination of phat rhymes and chants of 'hallelujah', Lord Byron and his crew proceed to exalt the Lord God in a very uninhibited fashion. After the beat fades out, LB makes a naturally smooth transition from shouts-out to the homies to praise and thanksgiving. In the end, he begins to sound a little like Fred Hammond after an anointed worship session with RFC. With all the rebukes and sanctified scolding that Lord Byron does on the album, it's satisfying to see him ending the album with praise to God.

reviewed by Jelani N. G. Greenidge

(source: Christian Hip Hop Zone on Internet)
Lord'z Ambassador
Recognize (Realmedia)

Album: Da Testimony

Album: Strapped

Album: 360 Degrees
Released: 1998

Homepage: http://www.godzhouse.com/lpg
Album: The Earthworm
The Earthworm
Label: Brainstorm

Stijl HipHop

Naast de geniale HipHop groepen zoals SFC, Dynamic Twins en Freedom of Soul verschijnt nu ook het debuutalbum van LPG. Dit duo brengt echt ongekende HipHop om over na te denken. Achter elke zin die ze voortbrengen schuilt nog een andere betekenis. De ingewikkelde rijmschema's en thema's zijn een must voor de intellectuelen onder ons. Ze rappen over persoonlijke strijd en onzekerheden in plaats van dat ze zichzelf heročsch vinden en opscheppen. Dit is de reden waarom het bij mij zo aanspreekt. Het is een spiegel van gevoelens die je kan hebben, maar toont ook wat oplossingen. Deze PoČten worden geproduceerd door de Tunnelrats (strakke naam toch!). Deze tunnelratten brengen ontzettend vette en soms verleidelijke beats. Samen met de vertederende stemmen en de rustige achtergrond is dit zo heerlijk om bij weg te dromen. Je kunt je denktank weer volgooien met LPG, en je hersenmechanisme volop in werking zetten. M'n favoriete nummer is 'I Wonder', waarin ze zo diep een aantal levensvragen verwoorden. Dit is een meesterwerk dat je op repeat moet instellen, want je zit er zo van te genieten dat voor je het weet de CD is afgelopen.

Rik Zutphen

(source: Samma Nieuws, Februari 1996 + GMI Music Magazine Januari '96)

I am a worm, not a man, despised by men hated by all. psalm 22:6

LPG is: Dax Reynosa ( Theory ) and Albert Olguin ( Jurny )

This duo performs lyrical gymnastics over hardcore beats in evidence that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be ministered through real hip hop. Being in the rap game for over ten years, LPG has shown a love for the art that is only shadowed by their love for God and His people. Their ministry is an incentive to up and coming artists and a blessing to seasoned pros. LPG is also the founder of The Tunnel Rats, an ever growing collection of holy hip hop heads sharing the same convictions.

Their current album is entitled The Earthworm, available on Brainstorm Artists.

(source: God'z House on Internet)

LPG's "The Earth Worm" (Living Proof of Grace)is as mentioned before a member of the Tunnel Rat crew. As with Peace, LPG is also strictly ol' school. LPG uses incredible lyrical tools and deep beats to create their sound. In "Then Came The Dawn", there is one of the greatest flows I've ever heard, mixing metaphors and similies along with a fast rhyming style that blows the mind. While some of the background tracks are nothing to write home about, it is overall a good cd.

Stars: 3 out of 5.
Gospel in the lyrics: 2 out of 5. Bass: 4 out of 5.

(source: Lyrical Oasis, the Internet, January 1997)

<PRE>Track Title BPM 1 A place called Hip Hop 92 2 Hour glass 85 3 Worst enemy greatest allie 97 4 Earthworm 87 5 To late 93 6 Judge not 92 7 Deafening silence 89 8 Slaughter 99 9 Great to be dead 86 10 Then came dawn 79 11 I wonder 92</PRE>

(source: Busy R.'z Holy Hip Hop Promotion)

Album: Worst enemy, greatest allie (single)
Label: Brainstorm

Lynch, Fred
Album: Gimmie tha planet

Lyrical Assassin

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