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E-Roc has been on the Christian Hip Hop scene since 1990. He got saved during the American Music Awards that year when he was dancing for Vanilla Ice and in the middle of the MC Hammer tour. Born in New York, E-Roc is synonymous with Hip Hop.

Beat Ranch Productions
(619) 350-7673

Album: Jesus Smoke
Jesus Smoke
Released: 1995
Label: Pulse Records

Produced by: 3NP

Have you heard of E-Roc? (Full name E-Roc da Madman). His last album Jesus Smoke is about about a classic as far as the the production and the fun factor of his rhymes go. It's on Pulse Records and you can order it from a lot of places if not buy it in the book stores. I'm writing this because it's really a decent record and it compliments the new school vibe of other top quality hip-hop acts like the Tunnel Rats. You might heard it--but if not, CHECK IT OUT!!!

Album: Listen to the G.O.D.
Listen to the G.O.D.
Released: 1990
Label: World Records

Produced by: Artisan Productions

Album: The Mad Prophets
Released: 1993
Label: Wake Up

Produced by: Dynamic Twins

Album: The Return
Released: 1998

Produced by: Beat Ranch Productions

E-roc has been in the Christian Rap industry for over a decade. The truth is, E-roc has come a long way since dancing for Vanilla Ice, being on the Hammer World Tour, and being in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II movie. A small voice from God on the night Vanilla Ice was about to win the American Music Award was all it took to convince E that he was headed on a path of destruction. "Where is Vanilla Ice today?" is a usual statement in E's preaching, to show that when the devil is done with you, he doesn't care how many fans you've got. Bringing an East Coast style with much experience in the rap game, E-roc is pivoted to march out strong.
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P.O. Box 28450
Santa Ana, CA

E.D.L. stands for 'Every Day Life'. They did 2 songs for the Sanktifunctafyd compilation: Take a Number, which also featured Fros'T and Destiny. The other song was "Blood Soaked Disciples"

Album: Disgruntled
Released: 1996

Elle Roc
Virtuous (feat Mark J.) (Realmedia)

Elucid Soulflower
Album: Eternal Balance (Tape)
Released: 1998

Eric Champion
Album: Revolution Time

Eternal G's

Eternals, The
Album: The Eternals (EP)

Album: The Further Adventures of The Eternals

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P.O. Box 700984
Tulsa, OK

E.T.W. stands for 'End Time Warriors'

Album: Ain't nobody dyin' but us
Ain't nobody dyin' but us
Label: Forefront

8 - 40 & A BLUNT (REMIX)
11 - GOD IS

How does one make sense of the many negative aspects of modern life? Violence and murder have reached epidemic levels in many communities. Extraordinary times require extraordinary talent to interpret them. End Time Warriors, a.k.a. E.T.W.'s latest LP on ForeFront Records, Ain't Nobody Dyin' But Us, is an anthology against violence.

E.T.W. has the talent and a thought provoking approach that incorporates elements of rap, R&B, funk and gospel in a hip hop format designed to be familiar. But at the same time, their music is underscored with a powerful spirituality and relevancy in the lyrics. These ordained ministers don't always preach from the pulpit - they kick it to you rhythmically from the recording studio and the stage. They are soldiers in the End Times, here to bring understanding and healing to the community musically.

"We want to bring back the respect of faith that has made us the people that we are," says E.T.W. leader Big Free. "Jesus said, I am the truth and the life. The goal of E.T.W. is to lead other people to Jesus Christ through positive reinforcement. Its a process of becoming."

Free hails from Atlanta, GA where he grew up the hard way. He was faced with the same temptations and often tragic circumstances that are so common throughout inner cities across America. MC El King grew up in Harlem, NY, a community faced with difficulties as big and diverse as the city itself. Rounding out the trio is Johnnie Jam from Detroit, MI. He grew up on the East side - a place where trouble is easy to find. Although it was all around him, Jam was in it but not of it due to a strong family influence.

E.T.W. was formed in Tulsa, OK at Oral Roberts University where Johnnie Jam and MC El King were students. Big Free was in Tulsa after a stint in the army. All three were in different crews performing on campus and around Tulsa before performing together at a spring talent contest on campus. They've been rolling non-stop ever since.

"We got a lot of support from Oral Roberts University with what we were trying to do. We were performing at prisons, youth centers, the projects, and they provided us with the equipment we needed, as well as moral support," says King. The support from the university was vital for E.T.W.'s early development as they paid their dues performing and conducting community outreach. "The support we got from Oral Roberts University was real cool because it was totally unexpected. We were just some rag tag students trying to do something," adds Johnnie Jam.

It wasn't long before E.T.W. was making a name for itself around Tulsa. ForeFront Records took notice and in 1989 signed E.T.W. to a recording contract. Their first LP, E.T.W., was released that year. Ain't Nobody Dyin' But Us is the group's fifth release on ForeFront Records.

The title track, a realistic depiction of kids killing kids, has been adopted as the 1997 anthem for Mothers Against Violence, an anti-violence organization committed to action. The album cover depicts 25 children and young adults who have died as a result of senseless violence, all of whom are identified on the back of the CD booklet and the cassette J-card. The photos were sent in voluntarily when ForeFront engaged in a nationwide search, aided by Mothers Against Violence and other anti-violence organizations across the country.

Continuing in their mission against drugs, violence, and hopelessness, Ain't Nobody Dyin' But Us features 16 tracks from E.T.W.'s four previous releases as well as remixes and one new cut. Included are the #1 hit "Momma's Prayers," E.T.W.'s cover of the Al Green classic "Let's Stay Together," "40 & A Blunt," "Abstract Reality," and "Elevate Your Mind."

"We're especially interested in getting our message to people who have no hope. They usually feel that way because they haven't been given hope. We want to change that," says Johnnie Jam.

If you like your beats phat, your bottom heavy, and your rhymes meaningful, E.T.W. has what youre looking for on their latest project, Ain't Nobody Dyin' But Us.

E.T.W. are three young men with the ambition to bring a revival of faith in our community. Once you've heard E.T.W., you'll knows what it means to be washed on the inside.

(Source: www.gofishnet.com)

Album: End Time Warriors
End Time Warriors
Released: 1989
Label: Forefront

Album: Let's stay together
Released: 1993
Label: Forefront

Album: Let's stay together Remixes
Let's stay together Remixes
Label: Forefront

Last year brought the first edition of the ForeFront remixes, followed this year by a remix of E.T.W.'s Stay Together, Tedd T. is responsible for the remixes on this batch. If you aren't quite familiar with his name, he recently produced Code of Ethics' Arms Around The World and Tammy Trent's self-titled debut.

Over the disc, which contains five mixes, there is obviously a more funk-influenced approach than on the previous set. If you heard the word "remix" and immediately associated it with dance, you are in for a disappointment. This isn't exactly your typical club music.

There are two remakes of "Stay Together" on the Stay Together Extended Play Remixes. One is a slow grooving hip-hop sound with extra-phat beats and the other is an even slower down-beat hip-hop flavor. "Give It Up" is a little more upbeat hip-hop, as are the remixes (one instrumental, one not) of "40 & A Blunt."

This remix collection probably isn't hard-core enough on the dance side to attract dance music fans, so it will probably only appeal to the serious fans of each artist.

--Roger Appelinski

(source: Polarized Publications and NetCentral, Inc. on Internet)

Album: Phsychosocioghettopathic...
Released: 1995
Label: Forefront

<PRE>Track Title BPM 1 Behind enemy lines 0 2 Commin' to get you out 93 3 It's real 93 4 Little brother 0 5 Ain't nobody dyin' but us 73 6 Elevate your mind 101 7 Be a man 83 8 I.N.S. - Drop the clips 82 9 Let the truth set you free 76 10 Abstract reality 81 11 Momma's prayers 91 12 You're gettin' played 95 13 Truso - No pressure 91 14 The end times 95 15 She's the one 90 16 Yes Lord 0 17 Rise up 69 18 Yea, yea, yea 93 19 How we roll 99</PRE>

(source: Busy R.'z Holy Hip Hop Promotion)

This is like the 19 release or something from these guys and through they seem to be getting a lot close I felt that this one lacked something too, while they continue further into that whole G-funk west coast thing they do try and switch things up a bit mixing some R&B style stuff in some of the tracks. One song reminded me a lot of the Ultramagnetic's which was kinda cool cause I used to be real into them. I guess if your hurtin' for some new rap to listen to this one isn't bad buy, but overall I didn't listen to this one too much.

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On their fourth release, PsychoTheoSocioGhettoPathic [The Escape] E.T.W. turns their rap/hip-hop music toward the hard realities of life on the street. Their goal was to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable," with respect to inner-city life. They offer understanding to this audience, taking a "'90's deliverance message" to those caught in "'90's life." Clocking in barely under an hour, there should be plenty to appeal to fans of hard rap to more soulful hip-hop.

(source: TLeM, Internet)

De End Time Wariors waren het getreiter van satan beu en genoodzaakt om uit hun dagelijkse functies te ontsnappen om zo een meesterplan uit te denken en op CD te zetten. Ze hebben hun stijlen en delivery verbeterd, een hele relaxte West Coast stijl. Ze brengen hun rhymes met geboterde stemmen en pakken de onderwerpen aan die in de ghetto's van Amerika afspelen. Ze maken duidelijk dat er maar n oplossing is voor rasisme, tieners die zwanger zijn, ganggeweld, criminaliteit, kinderen met wapens, enz. De tracks bestaan uit rustige beats, weinig samples, keyboarddeuntjes en instrumenten. De jazzinstrumenten zijn de redenen dat de CD speciaal en origineel is. Zonder deze zou de CD niet erg opvallen tussen andere CD's. Live-instrumenten maken het geheel toch wat levender. Een bekende naam van de instrumenten bespelers is Otto Price (Gotee Night Out/GRitS) die de bas verzorgt. De baslijn is erg zwaar en ruig. In diverse tracks komen er ook soulzangeressen aan te pas om nog meer laid back te maken. Een van de beste tracks vind ik 'You're Gettin Played'. Hier zijn de beats wat dikker en minder relaxt. Het gaat over gangbangers, criminelen, hustlers en players: "A diabolical scheme who's next to get clowned? The devil took your soul to pick you off from the playground. Nine-year-old wannabee gangsta in a schoolyard. At eightteen you're doing time in a prisonyard", een pittig onderwerp. Yep, hun nieuwe CD is DopeHolyHipHoppusAlaWestCoastology.

(Source: Rap&Roer Magazine #3)

Album: Stop the wild hype
Released: 1991

Album: Yo

Evangelist M.C.
Album: Sin Assassinator

Even Steven
Stick (MP3)
MP3 Unshack (MP3)

Album: Stickin Demons (maxi-single)
Stickin Demons (maxi-single)

Riding on the success of -Unshackled, Even Steven is doin it again! Maxi-single packed with all new phat trax! Stickin Demons, Drinkin From The Cup & Remember Me.

(source: Christsyde on Internet)

Album: Unshackled

Even Steven has received positive reviews from radio stations and magazines nationwide! A street ministry veteran and youth pastor. Even Steven has laid down smooth, funky trax with lyrics for the mind!

(source: Christsyde on Internet)

Exit One
Artist Info: 
A hip hop emcee from Copperas, TX. Exit One has been emceeing for about 7 years and is working on one of his many demos. He is also very active in performing at youth events for the local youth and others.

Eye Witness
Album: Rudiments
Released: 1996

Eye Witness of the Priesthoods just got done recording his first single, "Rudiments", and it is dope! You can probably get a copy by contacting Mark J. Also, Mark J hosted an open mic about a month ago.the Pride was there. Others included Monguz, Eye Witness, and former members of YBC, as well as some other really good Emcees.

(source: God'z House on Internet)

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