Album: Brotha'z Keepa
Released: 1998
Label: KMG

Album: Everyday Death Sentence
Everyday Death Sentence
Label: Holy Terra

Stijl G-Funk

Holy Terra, het platenlabel van DJ Dove, komt naast de Gospel Gangstas nu ook met de CMC's. Nog een terreurbeweging die aanslagen pleegt op Satan's terrein. Muzikaal veel lage en hoge synthesizertunes, rustige beats met electronische klappen. Vokaal zijn ze erg diep, ze hebben donkere warme stemmen die wat meer gevoelens uiten dan andere westcoast HipHop. Ze zijn origineel binnen het G-Funk tijdperk.

(source: Rik Zutphen, Samma Nieuws, juni 1996)

Nog een terreuractie binnen de terreurbeweging 'Holy Terra' (platen- label van DJ Dove). Ondanks dat veel nummers op het album zijn geproduceerd door de Gospel Gangstas komen de CMC's met hun eigen originele gangsta geluiden. Het verschil met de Gospel Gangstas zit bijvoorbeeld in de synthesizer tunes. Deze zijn bij de CMC's veel lager en mysterieuzer. Dit geldt ook voor de stemmen. De CMC's hebben lagere en meer donkere stemmen en rappen vloeiender dan de Gospel Gangstas. De beats zijn rustig. In hun teksten hebben ze woorden- wisselingen met de duivel en de ongelovige wereld. Hun taal is die van de gangstas en hun boodschap is die van God. Yep, deze groep zorgt voor oproer.

(source: GMI Music Magazine, mei/juni 1996)

En op het West Coast nivo.... Holy Terra komt ook met een groep CMC's en de CD Everyday Death Sentence. Nog een terreurbeweging die aanslagen pleegt. Bommen worden geplaatst op het duivelse territorium. Tijd voor oorlog "Spiritual Warfare". Met het kogelvrij vest der gerechtigheid aan, taktieken en wapens. De gebruiksaanwijzig ervan is de Bijbel. IRA, RARA, PLO, HAMMAS zijn er niks bij vergeleken. It's going down! Muzikaal veel lage synthesizer tunes, rustige beats met electronische klappen en donkere stemmen, die ik persoonlijk iets cooler vind dan de Gospel Gangstas. Maar oordeel zelf, want in nummer 7 staan de CMC's tengenover de OGG's. Op nummer acht wordt je perfect uitgelegd hoe je de Dungeons Of Darkness moet ontsnappen. Terreur in vorm van G-Funk, geproduceerd door GG's. Steun deze terreuraktie, koop die CD bij Samma.

(source: Rap&Roer nr. 2, 1996)

The CMC's burst on to the scene with a hot debut "Everyday Death Sentence" off of the Holy Terra Record label. This (too date) is the best Christian rap cd I have ever heard!!! The CMC'S pull no punches when bringing the gospel. Phat tracks and lyrics make this cd a must have for any rap lover, Christian or secular.

Stars: 5 out of 5.
Gospel in the lyrics: 5 out of 5. Bass: 5 out of 5.

(source: Lyrical Oasis on the Internet, January 1997)

Album: Everyday Death Sentence (single)
Everyday Death Sentence (single)
Label: Holy Terra


California love
MP3 Null

Carefully Out Of Place

Album: A Long Time Ago...In a Land Called...
Released: 1986
Label: Power Discs

1. We Three Kings/Where Is He
2. Away In A Manger
3. For Unto You
4. What Child Is This
5. Our Blessed Savior Has Come
6. (A Long Time Ago... In A Land Called) Bethlehem 7. Jesus Is
8. I Feel Jesus
9. Jehovah Shalom
10. Celebrating Jesus

Album: Addicted To Jesus
Released: 1991
Sparrow Records

1. Out Turn Now (Featuring Petra) 2. Holy Ghost Hop (Featuring CeCe Winans & Debbie Winans) 3. Satan, Bite the Dust
4. 1955 (Featuring Gold City & the Higher Dimensions Santuary Choir) 5. Hunger For Holiness
6. Come Into This House (Featuring Commissioned) 7. Addicted To Jesus (Featuring D.C. Talk) 8. Jesus Is The Way (Featuring CeCe Winans) 9. The Third Heaven

Album: Christmas with Carman
Released: 1986
Label: Sparrow Records

1. Away In A Manger
2. For Unto You
3. Jesus Is
4. I Feel Jesus
5. Our Blessed Savior
6. What Child Is This?
7. Bethlehem
8. Celebrating Jesus
9. We Three Kings/Where Is He
10. Jehovah Shalom

Album: Comin' on Strong
Released: 1984

Album: High Praises I
Released: 1995

Album: High Praises II
Released: 1995

Album: I Surrender All (30 Classic Hymns)

1. His Name Is Wonderful
2. Isn't He Wonderful/He Keeps Me Singing/Since Jesus Came Into My Heart 3. The Old Rugged Cross/Oh, The Blood Of Jesus 4. Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross 5. Peace Like A River/I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me 6. Grace Greater Than Our Sin/Amazing Grace 7. Praise Him (When The Sun Goes Down) 8. Jesus Paid It All
9. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms 10. Tell Me The Story Of Jesus/I Love To Tell The Story/What A Friend We Have In Jesus 11. Nothing But The Blood/Are You Washed In The Blood/He Took My Sins Away 12. My Jesus, I Love Thee/Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know/Oh, How I Love Jesus 13. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder/A New Name In Glory/When We All Get To Heaven/When The Saints Go Marching In 14. Search Me, O God/I Surrender All 15. 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

(source: S.O.L. Man, 1997)

Album: Lo Mejor
Released: 1995
Label: Sparrow Records

1. Servire A Mi Senor (I will serve the Lord) 2. Es El Tiempo (Now's the Time) 3. El Senor (Lord of All)
4. Dios Te Amo (Lord, I Love You) 5. El Rio (The River)
6. Quien Esta En Ti (Who's In The House) 7. Me Sostendras (Holdin' On)
8. Vente A Gozar (Come Into This House) 9. Loco Yo Estoy Por El (Radically Saved) 10. Hambriento De Santidad (Hunger For Holiness)

Album: R.I.O.T.
Released: 1996
Label: Sparrow Records

Producer: Brown Bannister/Tommy Sims Time: 55:05
Style: Ballad, rap, dance, jazz & blackgospel Tracks:

1. God Is Exalted (Lyrics by Carman & T-Bone) 2. R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion Of Truth) 3. My Story (Lyrics by Carman & T-Bone) 4. Whiter Than Snow
5. No Monsters
6. 7 Ways 2 Praise
7. Step Of Faith (Featuring Ricky Skaggs) 8. Not 4 Sale
9. There Is A God
10. Amen

Er is een rel (riot) uitgebroken in m'n CD-speler. Carman heeft een nieuwe. En wat voor ‚‚n! Die man weet ook telkens weer te verbazen. Het eerste nummer is een stevig dance-nummer. Daarna volgt RIOT (Righteous Invasion Of Truth). Goeie raps, hoe kan het ook anders als je T-Bone laat meewerken. Maar ook een complete Big Band. En natuurlijk ontbreekt de onnavolgbare story van Carman niet in 'There is a God'. Nou als je die CD van Carman hebt gehoord, twijfel je daar geen moment meer aan! Hoe die man het elke keer weer klaarspeelt om van ballad, rap, dance, jazz, blackgospel en noem maar op wat voor stijl, toch zo'n homogene echte Carman CD te maken, ik weet het niet, maar I LOVE IT!!! Ik weet dat ik moet uitkijken met het organizeren van concerten, maar wat zou ik graag weer een heftig avondje Carman willen doen...! (N.B. Ook de uitvoering is niet mis, bovendien is er een limited edition in trommel, met T-Shirt en pin en nog wat, maar dat ben ik vergeten en ik heb 'm nog niet)

(source: Samma Nieuws - December 1995)

In the world of Christian music there are several styles of music: contemporary, Southern gospel, R&B, rap and country, among others. In most cases, it is fairly easy to determine what category in which an artist would belong. In the case of Carman, however, critics and fans alike agree that he belongs in a division all his own. The reason is because he doesn't fit into any other category. He prefers to take a little piece from all the others and create his own unique style.

His style can very safely be described as bold, upfront, unashamed, in-your-face music that has one goal: to very clearly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not to say that other artists aren't giving good Christian messages; it's just that Carman's messages seem to jump out of the speakers and grab you by the collar and scream, "Do you get it?"

Is this method controversial? Yes. Is it popular with the fans? Absolutely! He holds the single concert attendance record for a Christian artist (over 70,000) and he generally sells around 500,000 copies of his albums and just recently, his new CD R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion Of Truth) broke onto the sales charts at #1.

The opener, "God Is Exalted," sets the pace for the project as it gives an upbeat "hip-hop" mix of Carman standards. The setting for the spoken intro is a parody on the "generic safety speech" you would hear from the flight attendant on a plane. This speech, of course, carries a Christian twist and talks about being on flight 777, reading the salvation flight card, and exit row 666. As the tune hits its stride, it generates a fast-paced jam with Carman giving a rap performance. The music is top-quality and has a very polished consistency to it--courtesy of the Brown Bannister/Tommy Sims production. It reminded me of some of the funky sounds of C+C Music Factory. As with all Carman songs, the lyrics (here co-written with rap artist T-Bone) take center stage. The message is clear and bold--God is exalted and thus the devil is defeated:

I'm takin' off
Off to a higher place
A higher level where the devil Don't have power 'cause Christ be the King In other words, this be a Jesus thing So hold on tightly 'cause there just might be Friction and turbulence, so grab a grip And stop trippin' 'cause the devil wanna see you Slippin' into darkness
Put on your wings, fly through the clouds Our destination is salvation...

God is exalted and Satan is defeated Jesus Christ is Lord
God is exalted and Satan is defeated Jesus Christ is Lord

The title track follows next with another upbeat, funky tune with a cross between hip-hop and spoken delivery. It reminds me of some R&B tunes by Teddy Riley, who produces Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson. Lyrically, "R.I.O.T.," could be seen as a self-portrait of Carman's purpose in his music:

With the facts we're gonna spread God's Word And attack every lie you've heard Like the doctrines of men that are still fallen prey To the silvery sword of God's Word today It's true, we look to heaven and our mansions in the sky And it's true we've got the gaze of eternity in our eyes but before the church is raptured There's no way we're gonna leave here quiet We want a righteous invasion of truth We want a R.I.O.T.

The third cut, "My Story," is a infectious tune that has a more than a slight reggae/Caribbean feel in its delivery, reminiscent of "Now's The Time" from The Standard. It has more hip-hop delivery, yet is packed with plenty of horns, harmonica, and hand drums to give it a fun and enjoyable party-like flow.

Spoken lyrics, rap, and a story-telling theme are common on a Carman project. It is also true, that each record also carries an inspiring vocal performance such as "Hunger For Holiness" from Addicted to Jesus and "Fear Not My Child," from The Champion. On this project, Carman's heartfelt ballad is "Whiter Than Snow," which was inspired by Andrae Crouch. A slow and mellow pace gives Carman the opportunity to remind everyone that he is a reasonably talented vocalist as he rises above the choir in this Black Gospel groove. This song is also a slight departure lyrically; rather than the theme of victorious battle with Satan, it deals with God's grace when we stumble and seek his loving restoration.

For those who like the "story songs" that Carman has made his forte, you will most certainly enjoy "No Monsters." As with most of these types of songs, it deals with our ability, in Christ, to overcome the power of Satan. It will easily remind listeners of such classics as "Satan Bite The Dust," "Revival In The Land," and "Witches Invitation." As with those songs, "No Monsters" is simply a lot of fun--offering a funky guitar-laden chorus. Who else but Carman could make the following lyrics:

...An evil spirit floated by my bed I could hardly believe the nerve of this little punk demon I thought, Ayy, all right, that's it, you're dead

As you reach the mid-point of R.I.O.T., you have been hit with musical styles ranging from rap, funk, ballads and story songs. So just in case you are getting bored (yeah right) along comes "7 Ways 2 Praise," (referring to the seven Hebrew words the Bible gives for praise). A tune that carriers a rousing Big Band sound. That's right, Big Band! If you are having a hard time figuring out what that may sound like, try to remember the soundtrack, For The Boys, by Bette Middler a few years ago, or even some shades of The Tubes. Same jumpy beat, horns aplenty, and even the "do-wop" girls chorus sound for the background. The difference, of course, is Carman's uncanny ability to present a message of praise and worship in this format:

Way back in the Bible, the Hebrew language says That we were taught that we could praise the Lord in seven ways Seven great expressions, seven different flows Seven ways to worship God and this is how it goes

Number one is towdah, it's the sacrifice Praising God in spite the fact your world is in a vice It's praise that pushes through the wall of all adversity...

Continuing the stampede of musical styles, "Step Of Faith" adds a catchy country boogie. "Not 4 Sale" brings an almost grunge musical base to his spoken lyrics.

A continuance of "We Need God In America Again," which was nominated for Song Of the Year at the 1995 Dove Awards, is "There Is A God." Addressing the lack of godliness in this country, it seeks to confront and answer the world's question, "Is there a God?"

The song opens with a recording of what seems to be a rocket/shuttle lunch (complete with countdown) and a spoken section where Carman giving numerous scientific facts demonstrating "an unbelievably intricate complex design, a supernatural testimony that there is a God." Assisting are The One World Choir and The American Boy Choir, offering a background for Carman's impassioned statements.

The final cut is a re-make of the 1956 classic hymn, "Amen." Carman gives the old tune a face lift with some added lyrics and inspiring spoken vocals. With help again from the One World Choir and a free-flowing string section, the song reaches a height of musical celebration that could easily be found in the local church.

In the final analysis, the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world that fill stadiums for his concerts and buy his records will probably not be disappointed. R.I.O.T. is another mega-mix of musical styles, bold Christian themes, and standard Carman hooks. If you are not familiar with Carman's music, you should probably give it a try. When you do, get ready for a rainbow of musical styles--hang on for the ride!

(source: Stephen Trickey on Internet)

An accompaniment to Carman's latest album, this short book written by Carman and Ron Luce is a guide to create a Righteous Invasion Of Truth in your neighborhood. It contrasts the LA riots to a Christian riot--of witnessing. It offers spiritual analogs to common weapons of war and military terms, and provides ideas for how to take the initiative in a spiritual battle.

(source: TLeM, Internet)

Album: Radically Saved
Released: 1989

Album: Revival In The Land
Released: 1989

Album: Shakin' The House {Live with Commissioned}
Released: 1991

Album: Some O Dat  {original title was 'Carman'}
Released: 1982

Album: Sunday's on the Way
Released: 1983

Album: The Absolute Best
Released: 1993

Album: The Champion
Released: 1985
Label: Myrrh

1. Prepare To Die
2. Abundance Of Rain
3. Revive Us, Oh Lord
4. A Little Bit More Conviction 5. It Happened To Me
6. The Destination Is There
7. Fear Not My Child
8. Love Can
9. The Champion

Album: The Standard
Released: 1993
Label: Sparrow Records

Style: Rock/Rap/Funk/Reggea/Pop

1. Who's In The House
2. Now's The Time
3. Great God
4. Everybody Praise The Lord
5. The River
6. Marchin' And Movin'
7. Sunday School Rock
8. Holdin' On
9. Lord, I Love You
10. America Again

"Tell me, who's in the house?" vraagt Carman al rappend in het eerste nummer. "Jesus Christ" luidt het antwoord. Caraibische klanken in het feestelijke "Now's the time". Rock, Rap, Funk, Reggea en Pop: het is allemaal aanwezig. Levend en uitbundig zoals we van Carman gewend zijn. Die jongen kan er wat van, voor jong en oud!!

(source: Samma Nieuws, December 1993)
Cauzin' Efekt
Album: Famlee Affair
Released: 1994

1. Break Out Da Frame
2. Troubled Times
3. Famlee Affair
4. I Know What I Seen
5. No Excuses
6. Got It Goin' On!
7. Kickin' Game
8. Right 2 B
9. 902
10. Funkyfunknation
11. Just Do It!

Cauzin' Efekt is een HipHop viertal die voortgekomen is uit de Jesus People. Hun CD Famlee Affair bevat vooral snelle zonnige rapsongs en rustige hoogtepunten als het zwoele Troubl'd Times. Een andere positieve uitschieter is Just Do It, waarin een grote rol is weggelegd voor de zusters Sista'Hood.

(source: GMI Music Magazine, Juli 1995)

Album: Listen to the Voice

Cave Wonders
Album: Biodegradable
Released: 1998

i was gonna come (MP3)

E-Mail: ceebro@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://koti.nettilinja.fi/~skilly/Profiles/Ceebro
Artist Info: 
From Helsinki/Finland, Janne aka Pijall (emcee), Roope aka Esaar (emcee/producer/DJ), Matti aka Triple (emcee)

Many guest appearances, including Siniset Punaset Miehet's "Ryhmäterapiaa", "The Unified Revolution", DJ Anonymous' "Keeping Crates Stacked" and more...

Record label / Organization: Ceebroductions, Broken Home

Album: A Day of the People in Between (vinyl)
Released: 1998

Album: Homeless Beats (instrumental tape)
Released: 1997


Christian Nation
Artist Info: 
Group of artists: KIIS, drip drop, disciple mafia, Paradigm 70
Chuckie Perez
Album: Do you have a problem with that?

Album: Rhythms Of Tomorrow
Rhythms Of Tomorrow
Label: Diadem

Album: Universal
Released: 1992
Label: Essential

1. Universal
2. Between Best Friends
3. You're Amazing
4. You Took It All
5. Spend My Life
6. Mind Set On You
7. I'll Be Waiting
8. Losing Your Soul
9. Capture Me

Album: Universal (Spanish version)

Church of Rhythm
Homepage: http://www.primex.co.uk/wordmusic/track01.html
Album: Church of Rhythm
Church of Rhythm

Whether it's an explosive high-tech show, complete with video walls and tight-knit choreography, or a performance of classic accapella harmony, Church of Rhythm defies strict classification. Their self-penned debut album is a world-class collection of vibrant, soulful harmonies with an exciting musical back-drop that combines the best of pop and R&B with a little hip-hop.

Album: Not perfect

Album: Only The Funky - Remix CD (Single)

Class of Methods

Coal Stone
Album: Put Some Gospel To It

Code of Ethics
Homepage: http://spring.eecs.umich.edu/jivey/code.html
Album: Visual Paradox
Label: REX/Forefront

Artist Info: 
A collective of dutch rappers (Brian Silos, Eye-D, Marcel McArthur, Rolf Rothuizen). Check their releaseparty on April 12 in The 7th Zone!
Count Bass D.
Album: Art for sale
Label: SpongeBath Records

Cross Movement
Wordlife (The Witnessing) (Realaudio)
Realaudio I am (Realaudio)
Realmedia Blood Spilla (Realmedia)
Realmedia Blood Spilla2 (Realmedia)
Realmedia Cypha Time (Realmedia)
Realmedia Cypha Time video (Realmedia)
Realmedia Heavens Mentality (Realmedia)
Realmedia Live (Realmedia)
Realmedia Shock (Realmedia)
Realmedia Whos da man (Realmedia)
Realmedia house of reps (Realmedia)
Realmedia i am (Realmedia)
Realmedia off the hook (Realmedia)

E-Mail: wellsie@clam.rutgers.edu
Homepage: http://www.crossmovement.com/
Artist Info: 
This alliance of Gospel Rap artists consists of: The Gift, Phanatik, The Ambassador, Cruz, Poets for Christ, Enock, Prodigy, and Life. Heaven's Mentality are the three lyrical entities, The Gift, The Phanatik, and The Ambassador.

Album: Blood Spilla (Single)

Album: Heaven's Mentality
Heaven's Mentality
Released: 1997
Label: CMR

5 - CATCH 22
7 - DUST
8 - SHOCK!

Album: Heaven's Mentality (Remix)
Heaven's Mentality (Remix)
Released: 1997
Label: CMR

Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Stage/3801/poet

Crystal Lewis
Album: Beauty For Ashes
Released: 1996
Metro One

1. The Beauty Of The Cross
2. It's Heaven
3. People Get Ready-Jesus Is Comin' 4. Lion And The Lamb
5. Beauty For Ashes
6. In Return
7. God's Been Good To Me
8. Seasons Change
9. Over Me
10. Healing Oil

Album: Greatest Hits
Released: 1995
Label: Metro One

1. Come Just As You Are
2. Frustrated
3. Precious Lord
4. Bloodstained Pages
5. You Didn't Have To Do It
6. Let Love In
7. I Must Tell Jesus
8. Shine Jesus Shine
9. I Now Live (Featuring Peace 586) 10. Remember
11. Only Fools
12. You'll Be Back For Me
13. Amazing Grace
14. My Redeemer Lives

Album: The Remix Collection
Label: Metro One

Crystal raps! It's true. On the remix of "I Now Live," and "Spiritual Warfare" the little lady takes a vocal assault that really isn't too bad. Oh course, she isn't going to take over the rap world, but it serves as a nice addition to this compilation of remixes of her most famous tracks.

In addition to the two remixes "I Now Live" (the energetic opener with rap, and a slower grooving mix) there are two versions of "Little Jackie." The first is a slow groove featuring raps by T-Bone to tell a different version of the story, while the second is a funky R&B version. There are also two versions of "Shine Jesus Shine." One is upbeat with plenty of guitar work, while the other is a slow, laid-back, R&B version. Both remixes of "You'll Be Back For Me" are upbeat, with the former being a looser, percussion driven version, with the latter (the aerobic version) being a little faster, deep bass lead remake.

"Lonely" is a pleasant remake with a stripped down feel. It offers a driving R&B bass track with jangly guitar and bright horn samples along with keyboard effects creating a peppy and light experience. "Don't Worry" is slow, full groove, loaded with rhythm tracks--keys, bass, synthesizer, horn, and drum.

The mixing is handled mostly by Scott Osborne, Muffla, and Kaliq. Scott Blackwell and Peter Jacobs work on a few of the tracks. I wouldn't say this project breaks considerable ground, but it is impressive in the diversity of style covered.

Freely admitting that I'm not much of a Lewis fan, I found this collection to be quite enjoyable and fresh --something I've listened to quite a bit. If you want a little bit of an adventure, sample this one.

--Roger Appelinski

Article originally appeared in pre-web TLeM October, 1994 Copyright ©1994 THE LIGHTHOUSE electronic MAGAZINE Copyright © 1996 Polarized Publications and NetCentral, Inc.
Album: Can You Deal

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